Sunday, May 29, 2011

Travel Through India

After the video A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan, here is the work and the achievement of English Mike Matas during his trip to India. A concentrate of 30 days, met for nearly 3,000 photos in 3 minutes. Set on a superb soundtrack composer Michael Montes.
india1 Travel Through India
india Travel Through India
india11 Travel Through India

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Natalia said...

Travelling india is always a great experience, i have visited many tourist destinations of india like taj mahal red fort, amber fort, jal mahal, khajuraho etc i have also seen the real indian culture but taj mahal is a true wonder....

it was like the most beautiful gift, anyone can give to her wife. the beauty of taj mahal was astonishing i was on a tour package which covered delhi agra and jaipur i took it from hungrybags Vacation Packages i am now planning to visit amarnath and badri nath kedarnath this time... if have some info about that please post it here

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