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China’s Fairytale Terror-Trail

Steep stepsPhoto:
Image: Philip Lai
Far up on Yellow Mountain in the south east of China’s Anhui province is a trail of tens of thousands of granite steps. Partly lacking rails to hold on to, they are a traveller’s only guide past deep ravines and steep descents. Weather-wise, a whole year can pass in just one day: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter at night. The most dangerous part yet might be the breathtaking views that can easily make visitors forget where they have to tread.

Treading Gingerly Across the Lost Bridges of the Inca Empire

Photo courtesy of Rutahsa Adventures
Sagging severely in the middle and swaying in strong winds like spider’s silk in the breeze, the bridge was all that stood between travellers more worn out than the vines and certain downfall. Barely concealed below the massive cables of woven grass, the gorge yawned wide, hungry for any who happened to fall. Repairing these great slung suspension bridges in present-day Peru was still more perilous, and those that carried out such work frequently met with death.

Mexican Church Devoured by Lava

Church close-upPhoto:
Image: Francisco Trinidad
When the people of the small Mexican town of Parícutin heard rumbling and felt the earth shake on February 20, 1943, their first thought was of an earthquake. When they witnessed a mountain growing out of their cornfields, plus fissures in the earth that emitted sulphurous smells, many believed God had sent them a sign that the end was near. What they would witness was the birth of Parícutin, the youngest volcano in the

Sri Lanka's Giant Magma Plug Fortress

Main EntrancePhoto:
Bernard Gagnon
If Sri Lanka wishes to improve its image – and its tourist trade – following its recent turbulent times, it could do worse than promote a national treasure such as the Sigirya. Towering above the surrounding plains of the Matale district in the heart of the country, this fortress and Buddhist monastery was carved from the hardened magma of what was once a volcano. Today, it stands as a reminder of the various ancient cultures that helped shape Sri Lanka down through the centuries.

The World On Sale: Swapping Dull Cityscapes For Exotic Destinations

A sandy beach in the tropics - fly there cheaply this fall with British AirwaysPhoto:
Imagine waking up in the shadow of the great pyramids, or on a palm studded beach in the Maldives with cool water lapping at your feet. With British Airways you can escape the dull cityscape this fall and travel to exotic destinations all over the globe for reduced prices during their November sale. Hip, tech-savvy people who love to see the world or travel for business (and recognize a good deal when they see one) should snap these offers up while they last.

Giant Bell Structures Looming Over the Indonesian Jungle

Andras Jancsik
As he hacked his way through the green hell, sweating profusely, the Dutchman noticed something about the nature of the vegetation that caused his heart to beat faster - for this was no ordered primary vegetation, but thick, tangled secondary jungle. This area had been cleared before - perhaps centuries before. The local legends were true. He was getting close to one of the archaeological finds of the century - the hidden temple

Iran's Human Termite Colony

Photo: Nomenklatura
Looking like a cross between a giant termite colony and a settlement from Star Wars, the village of Kandovan, tucked away in the northwest corner of Iran, is famed for its extraordinary houses carved inside cone-shaped rocks. Some of the dwellings in this unique and age-old place date back at least 700 years and yet are still inhabited. So what story is to be dug out of this strange-looking village?

Ethiopia's Cross-Shaped Church Carved out of Unbroken Stone

Armin Hamm
During the so-called Dark Ages, Islam was seen by Europeans as a plague engulfing the East like a black shroud. Spread by fanatics with the Koran in one arm and a blood-stained scimitar in the other, Islam threatened to take Europe as it had the Orient, cutting off contact with all Christian lands within its expanding territory. But amidst decades of such news, a more positive story began to circulate: there was a man, a great Christian king, who ruled a vast kingdom somewhere amidst the Mohammodan hordes of the East. His land was rich and wondrous – contemporary reports speak of fantastic creatures and even the legendary

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Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley PeruPhoto:
Image: icelight
Peru’s Sacred Valley usually refers to a roughly 60-km stretch of land between the cities of Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Just 16 km south of Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, the Sacred Valley often misses out to the more famous site of Machu Picchu – but as the following images show, quite undeservedly so as Sacred Valley offers stunning Andes Mountains views, winding roads and mind-boggling Inca

Paradise is a Land Called Kissimmee

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.
Fishing at sunset in KissimmeePhoto:
Image by Kissimmee - the Heart of Florida
Imagine catching some rays as you relax on long, golden beaches, or spending all day on the golf course with your buddies. Perhaps your idea of a great holiday is landing the big one, out there on the sparkling waters, or better still, flying through the air at 60 miles an hour on board a roller coaster. We think vacations are all about freedom: the freedom to choose how you spend your time – and you’ll be hard pressed to find a destination that offers more possibilities than Kissimmee, Florida.

Getaway To St. Augustine

St AugustinePhoto: Getaway4Florida
Winding my way through historic brick streets, peppered with antique stores and mighty fortress walls, I’m suddenly feeling in the mood for some cultural history. So I book myself in for one of the town’s engrossing ghost tours, before heading back to check out some more of the quirky Spanish architecture. Where am I? The oldest continuously inhabited town in America – St. Augustine, Florida.

The Ancient Splendour of Peru's Inca Trail

Inca Trail HikePhoto: Paul Heaberlin
Peru’s Inca Trail is the most rewarding and accessible of treks in the region (it is only a small part of an enormous 16,000-mile route running through Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina). With constantly changing scenery throughout its relatively short 26-mile distance, and reaching an altitude of 4,200 metres, the four-day adventure takes you along Andean valleys, across rivers, past ancient ruins, through spectacular cloud-forests and subtropical jungles and over vertiginous mountain peaks. The trek can be walked or cycled and there are numerous tour operators offering various types of experience, from ‘roughing it’ for the bohemian and/or budget-conscious to the relatively luxuriant option for the posh, loaded or lazy (porters will carry your luggage and experienced guides will furnish you with facts en route, although you’ll probably still have to wash in a river and go to the toilet in a hole in the ground).
The final destination of the trail is the infamous Machu Picchu, the enthralling and enigmatic Lost City of the Incas, and along the way you will be bedazzled with some of the most magnificent mountain views on earth. This is also an opportunity to do some rare wildlife-spotting: the area is home to some very rare species of birds and animals (Including the hummingbird and the spectacled bear), and there are over 250 kinds of orchid within the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary. Tourist trekker numbers are limited to only 200 per day and it is advisable to book this once-in-a-lifetime Peruvian adventure well in advance, especially if you wish to go during the peak season (May to September).

Arctic Tourism... The Frosty Future of Ecotourism?

Sweden Ice HotelPhoto: Tom Corser
Ever wondered what it’s like to sleep in an igloo? There are eight ice hotels in the world but arguably the original and the best – the daddy of all ice hotels, if you will – is Jukkasjarvi’s Icehotel in Sweden, 200km north of the Arctic circle, which has been going since the early 1990s. Like all ice hotels, it is reconstructed every year, mainly using frozen water from the Torne river, which is collected in the spring (up to 40,000 tons of it) ready for the ‘ice hotel’ season (between December and April). Everything – absolutely everything – is made of ice, frost or snow, down to the glasses serving (chilled) drinks at the (ice) bar. If you’re not a fan of feeling chilly, this could well be your worst nightmare. But the sub-zero temperatures inside the hotel feel positively tropical compared to the outside air, which during the winter season can drop to -20˚C or more. As you might hope, the beds are equipped with thermal sleeping bags and cosy reindeer skins, and the suites are pretty spectacular, filled with ice sculptures and fantastical artwork. But if you choose this as a honeymoon destination, it is worth bearing in mind that you will need to wear a long-sleeved thermal vest, a knitted hat, gloves and woolly socks to bed, so in terms of erotic fulfilment it may not exactly tick all the boxes. You will definitely need to leave your lacy ‘barely there’ Ann Summers paraphernalia at home.
That said, the ice hotels have proved popular alternative wedding venues and there certainly is something special and romantic about these dazzling arctic constructions. A morning sauna is usually included in the room rate – and boy, will you need it. You’ll also get a trip in to the forest in a snowmobile or by dog sled – certainly a different kind of experience if you fancy a change from the usual ‘sun, sea and sand’ break.
There are other ice or snow hotels to choose from: Kakslauttanen’s Snow Village is located in Finnish Lapland, Canada’s hotel within the Duchesnay winter resort, and Europe’s northernmost ice hotel, the Alta Igloo Hotel in Norway. Lapland is bigger the UK but its population is under one million – so that’s the place to go for some Christmas-time solitude and to do some serious ‘chilling out’.
so urce

10 Most Beautiful Black Sand Beaches in the World

When you think about going on vacation or to a getaway trip, you probably pick somewhere warm with inviting weather, people, and beaches. Once you pick that perfect beach you want to visit, you can’t picture anything else but a warm breeze and a clear blue sky that engulfs a beautiful brown sandy beach, with minimal rocks of course.

Try picturing a beach with blue water, a crystal clear sky, and black sand. Sounds a little crazy huh? In any case, these beaches do exist. So, the next time you’re planning a vacation or looking for a new place to go to for a few days, try heading to a black sand beach.
If you can’t pick just one or you aren’t sure of any, here is a list of the most beautiful black sand beaches of the world. The one that I picked are mostly from US. So if you know any other please share with us in comments.
Vik Beach, Iceland

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The Taj Mahal : The Most Perfect Building in the World

Taj_Mahal-04Photo: David Castor
Famed for its spectacular white domed mausoleum, the Taj Mahal is a stunning and revered example of Mughal architecture, built in Agra, India, during the 17th Century under the orders of Emperor Shah Jahan. He dedicated the building to his beloved late wife Mumtaz Mahal, whose tomb is set within the building. This is why it is sometimes thought of as a significant ‘monument to love’. Located among beautiful grounds or

View from the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour BridgePhoto: Adam.J.W.C.
In the 11 years since adventure-hungry climbers have been able to scale the width and height of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (courtesy of operators BridgeClimb), there have been at least 2,000 marriage proposals at or near its 134-metre summit. Small wonder – this is a pretty special experience in a pretty special location and the perfect setting for a what-the-hell spontaneous (or indeed premeditated) romantic gesture. In fact, in 2008 a Scottish couple were the first to get married at the top of the ‘coathanger’ (as the bridge is sometimes affectionately called).

Ireland's Ancient Celtic Christian Architecture

Antrim Round TowerPhoto: Pippy Longstockings
"Dublin was just another big city."
That was a remark I heard a young lady, presumably from Australia, make about Eire's capital, and by far largest city, in a central London youth hostel.

The World's Most Incredible Road Trips

endless road  Endlose StraßePhoto: paraflyer
What could give a more total sense of freedom and abandonment than driving at speed down a near-deserted highway in a classic convertible, with the roof down and the dusty wind blowing through your hair? Perhaps with The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen or Van Halen blaring at full volume from the car stereo to provide the perfect rockin' road soundtrack as you sing along at the top of your lungs, joyously and

10 Best Countries to See Mystic Megalithic Sites

Every time we find ourselves unable to explain something, more than feeling powerless we feel fascinated and attracted to that particular something. This is also the case of the strange beautiful megaliths that can be found all around the world and whose history is still an open case.

There are also numerous temples and constructions made of stone that still manage to sparkle our imagination even nowadays.
Here I have compiled some the best countries to see mystic megalithic sites. I hope you will like it.

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The Rock Garden of Chandigarh

monkeysPhoto: appaji
Have you looked forward to visiting someplace that is really worthwhile and that could leave an impact on you once you have been there? Well now your wait is over as we explore an interesting world monument that is contemporary and through imagination as well as ingenuity speaks all about global concerns. Out of the beautiful cities in India, Chandigarh is known for its sculpture garden. This garden is Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, named after its founder, Nek Chand. The specialty of this garden is that it is built of industrial and home waste and other items that have been thrown away. Isn't it amazing?

Boom: Portugal's Psychedelic Trance Festival

Welcome! This year Boom celebrates its 8th edition...
mayuPhoto: Cwithe
Tired and fed up of the big music festivals, with the same line-ups, constantly surrounded by the visual pollution of brands and adverts? Don’t worry, other mysterious musical worlds exist far away from these big events...
The Boom festival is one of them. It takes place every two years and is one of the most best examples of a non-commercial festival out there. Lost between the pines and the cork trees of the Portuguese countryside, this festival takes place in a wonderful area, called Idanha-a-nova, during the August full moon cycle. The place is located in the heart Portuguese mountains, in the center of the country, around a huge and peaceful lake, which gives the event an aerial and refreshing atmosphere.

Islomania: The Age-Old Obsession For Discovering Islands

Map of Atlantis?Photo: Athanasius Kircher
Islomania is a strange attraction to islands. As far back as the days of Plato’s Atlantis, islands and island nations have been a source fascination and inspiration. A brief description from a lost seaman’s encounter with another land was enough to drive people into the sea risking everything in search of a new world.
There was a time in human history when innocence prevailed; when anything could be believed by the mere power of storytelling; when every trip and adventure had a mythical feeling. It was the time when everything could be true and out there.

India's Most Incredible Adventure Travel Destinations

manaliPhoto: sahil
Do you look forwards to visiting a place that can give you a magical experience, when it comes to adventure and landscape? It’s high time you plan your trip to India if you have not been there yet. As a matter of fact, in the past few years, India has become one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially when it comes to unleashing your adventurous side. Some of the most visited tourist destinations in India provide thrilling adventure activities, which allow you a view of some beautiful landscapes.

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Socotra: The Most Bizarre Island on Earth

Adenium obesum ssp. sokotranumPhoto: Soqotra (Yemen)
Two-hundred and fifty miles off the coast of Yemen, you will find Socotra, the largest member of a four-island ellipsis that trails off the Horn of Africa into the Gulf of Aden. The island is a mix of ancient granite massifs, limestone cliffs and red sandstone plateaus.

How To See Brazil on a Budget

Vila IsabelPhoto:
Carnivals, coffee, football and forests. Those are a few words to describe the vast diversity of Brazil. Squeezing this breathtaking country into a three week, tiny budget trip would not be an easy task. That is, however, what I attempted to do this summer.
We started in one of the largest cities in the world, Sao Paulo. Having been warned by mothers, sisters and aunties of the dangers of the city (tourist muggings are apparently a common occurrence) arriving in the intoxicating place was quite overwhelming. But Sao Paulo surprised me, in particular the Museo de Arte de

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10 Best Tourists Attraction in Australia

There are many things to see in Australia other than Kangaroo. J The names that come across one’s mind while speaking about Australia tourist attractions are Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef and many more. Visiting the different cities of Australia is a great experience in itself. Vacation at one of the top ten Australia tourist attractions literally means experiencing great shopping, great food and exciting entertainment.

Nevertheless the scenic natural surroundings that these Australia attractions offer are mind blowing. So here I have compiled some of the famous and best tourist’s attraction in Australia. I hope you will like it.
Sydney Opera House

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5 Most Incredible Aquariums on Earth

OpenerPhoto: jonrawlinson
An aquarium can be an incredible place to see aquatic life up close. It seems like no matter the number of the fish, their size, or weight, aquariums are truly an amazing thing to behold. It could be a small aquarium in your house, or a huge one, no matter what, aquariums can be amazing as long as they have water and fish in

Vietnam's Wondrous Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay nightPhoto: Lorna
As I looked up into the starry sky, listening to the gentle sound of waves lapping against our boat, I realized the diversity of the breathtaking country that is Vietnam. Only days before I had been in the beating metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and now I was on a three-day boat trip in Ha Long bay,

The Bumpiest Roads on Earth

Bumpy RoadPhoto: Monte Mendoza
Ever notice that a path ripples before you? Fun for your bike, but bad for your car. Despite the frustration of a wavy path, some of the bumpiest roads are quite artistic, contributing to the thrill of riding over them. Scientists have named these roads 'Washboard Roads' and have studied their dynamics to consider ways they can be eliminated.

Borobudur: The Oldest Buddhist Temple in the World

Sitting BuddhaPhoto: Regina Fugate
The Borobudur Temple is a Buddhist monument of colossal proportions, and nothing like it exists anywhere else in the world. This massive Buddhist compound is located in the province of Central Java, Indonesia, and it is not too far from the city of Jogjakarta (about 42 km or 25 miles away).

Victoria Falls: The Adrenaline Capital of Africa

Magnificent Victoria FallsPhoto: Regina Fugate
Victoria Falls are shared by two countries: Zambia and Zimbabwe. Which country affords the most spectacular view of the falls is a subject of debate, though the locals claim that when the rains raise the water levels of the Zambezi river, both sides of the falls are equally stunning. However, during the dry season, the Zambia side is almost reduced to a trickle, while the Zimbabwe side remains fairly spectacular. Also, the Zimbabwean side offers the greatest number of cataracts!

A Journey Through North America's Thousand Islands

Boldt CastlePhoto: Teresa Mitchell
This journey through the Thousand Islands region, between Canada and the USA might not count as a Guiness World Record - but it is amazing!
The cluster of islands (about 1,864) stretch 50 miles along the Saint Lawrence River and Lake Ontario between New York State and Ontario; a distance that can be easily covered by boat or even by canoeing

The Paraglider Who Fell 32,600ft and Survived

Ewa Wisnierska GlidingPhoto: Daniel Kofler
Imagine being sucked up through a powerful thunderstorm to an altitude higher than that of Mt Everest, and then being slammed down to the earth again — and surviving!
This is exactly what happened to champion paraglider Ewa Wisnierska, 35, in New South Wales, Australia in 2007, while she was preparing for the 10th FAI World Paragliding Championships. Her survival was a true miracle, and she has been described as "the world’s luckiest woman."

Kashmir: Travels in an Explosive State

Keeping WatchPhoto: Jrapczak
The British Foreign Office is somewhat pessimistic about the security situation in India, beginning with the alarming (and largely untrue) warning: “There is a high threat from terrorism throughout India” and continuing with the (less untrue) statement: “In some areas terrorist incidents are particularly frequent. The areas most affected are Jammu and Kashmir.” So I have to say I was slightly apprehensive as I touched down in the large military base next to Srinagar, the capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir – not that I’d read the

The Surreal Beauty of Namibia's Remote Landscapes

Peaceful+Namib+Rand+desertPhoto: Regina Fugate
Namibia's beauty is wonderfully surreal and alluring, and I, for one, fell in love with it! When we visited Namibia, we didn’t know that we were embarking on a highly addictive journey, one we wished would never end, as the surprises in scenery are endless. Namibia has so much to offer to those who love nature and wide-open spaces.

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Sydney's Awe-Inspiring Beaches

Turimetta beach narrabeen sydneyPhoto: Pavel Sigarteu
Every morning, the sun awakes on the eastern shoreline of the vast island that we call Australia. Sitting south of the equator, it’s often seen as the little brother to the Commonwealth motherland that is England. United by the monarch they may be, but as a country, oh how different they are. A foreign land to most, Australia has been personified through the ages by the famous men of the country, Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin and Hugh Jackman, but to name a few. However, as famous as they have become, none have been more iconic than the famous Australian beaches.

4 Death Defying Feats You Can Perform in a Volcano

LavaboardingPhoto: Joe Quigley
Climbing an active volcano used to be a pretty good claim to fame, but not any more. New ways to exploit these dangerous and unpredictable erupting mountains are being invented all the time. Since your chance to climb one of these lava-spewing cones may only come once in a lifetime, be sure you don't miss out on these super fun things to do!
4. Volcano Boarding

The Surreal Landscape of Moab, Utah

Dead Horse PointPhoto: Mike O'Reilly
The vast landscape of the American Southwest offers the most beautiful vistas anywhere in the nation, and many of these views have become iconic images recognized even by people who have never been west of the Mississippi. Geological wonders such as The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and the formations of Yosemite park have all found their way into American consciousness through western movies, and the iconic imagery of photographers like Ansel Adams. Yet if I could recommend only one destination for a visitor, it would be Moab, Utah.

The Geological Marvels of Zion and Bryce National Parks

Fairyland PointPhoto: Mike OReilly
It took me a few years of living in the Southwest before I finally visited Utah’s Bryce and Zion National Parks. In fact, I wasn’t that motivated because I had been to Canyonlands, near Moab, the Grand Canyon, and California’s Yosemite Valley, and I figured, how could those three places be topped? Well, let’s just say that I’m glad I put in the extra miles on the old Toyota, pointing it south a few summers ago with my wife, before we had our first kid.
All of the National Parks found in the Western US are “out of the way,” but Zion and Bryce are possibly the out-of-the-wayest of them all. Really, how often do you find yourself in either southern Utah, northern Arizona, or southeast Nevada? It just barely ever happens, I don’t care who you are, jackrabbits not withstanding...

1000ft Up in a Glass Bottomed Hot Air Balloon

It is a thrilling experience to soar into the sky in the basket of a hot-air balloon. Like the experience of parachuting, the effortless weightlessness of floating through the sky is an awesome, never to be forgotten adventure. How much more exciting might it be if there was apparently nothing between you and the ground below?

Amazing Alternatives to Travel Guide Books

TouristsPhoto: zoetnet
If travel were a religion, it would have its various branches based on the texts it uses as a guide. The guidebook sect of travelers thump their tattered tomes with an orthodoxy that I can’t understand. Maybe it’s the physical heft of a printed guidebook that lends it such authority. Maybe it’s the nod of recognition from other believers who are toting the same edition. Maybe it’s simple brand loyalty. Something compels these travelers to guard their guidebooks like passports and to quote them like Bibles. Meanwhile, a new sect is forming based on faith in the destination itself and the locals who live there as the best source of travel information. This local travel movement is gaining converts.

Tokyo's Ancient and Serene Hama Rikyū Garden

Pine Tree at the PondPhoto: Milosh9k
Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is known for its metropolitan landscape, with tall buildings and industrial skyscrapers. But inside Tokyo is the Hama Rikyū Garden that sits like a green oasis - a stark contrast to the city's steel and concrete surroundings.

Affordable Outdoor Activities on Your Doorstep

Clayoquot Sound Sea KayakingPhoto: Brian
When you're tied to a desk all day, incredible outdoor activities can feel as far away as the Antarctic Circle or the Andaman Islands. Whether it's cycling down the coast of California or sailing in the clear blue waters off North Carolina, the desire to go out and try something new burns strong, but if it isn't our personal circumstances that get in the way, it's financial constraints.

How a Transfer of Trust Can Combat Climate Change

taking offPhoto: Coleen Lane
A Transfer of Trust: An Alternative to Carbon Offsetting for Travel and Tourism
Each time I go on vacation I feel a slight tinge of guilt when setting foot on an airplane. While I try my best by reducing my ecological footprint in most other facets in my life, I can not resist the urge to explore the corners of the world. I suppose that feeling is shared by others too, and so the carbon offsetting programmes were born.

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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations of the World

So planning a wedding was hard enough but now it’s time to plan your honeymoon. It can be very overwhelming to say the least. There are so many amazing places to choice from that you may be asking yourself, how I will ever decide. But what I want is a beautiful blue sand beach with blue waters and lots of sunshine ;) .

So to help you I narrowed down the long list of honeymoon destinations to top 10. So here are some of the best honeymoon destinations around the world. I hope you will like it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 Best Winter Cruises Destinations

Summer is over and it’s nearly that time for the winter extravaganza. If you are planning a winter vacation on a cruise then this will surely help you. This list will help you to explore all the winter destinations around the globe. Find out where you should go and why this winter and you can leave your hat, scarf and gloves behind.

so here i have compiled some of the best winter holiday Cruise destinations for you to check out. I hope you will like it.

10 Best Places to See in Hawaii

A place which is home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes and the world’s tallest sea mountain, birthplace of surfing and the hula and former seat of a royal kingdom. Hawaii is one of the youngest geological formations in the world and the youngest state of the union. But perhaps Hawaii’s most unique feature is its Aloha Spirit the warmth of the people of Hawaii that wonderfully complements the Islands perfect temperatures.

So here I have compiled some of the best places to see in Hawaii. I hope it will help you in your trip to Hawaii.
Lanikai Beach

10 Most Beautiful Barbados Beaches

Barbados, the island that so many love has an appeal throughout the year. Although the Caribbean is known for hurricanes it is very rare for the island to suffer one. The Barbados West coast is known as the ‘Platinum Coast’. Barbados really is a luxury destination and this area is a high end tourist destination.

Barbados is a relatively flat island with an abundant supply of large gradually sloping coral beaches fringing the land. Barbados is a coral island and its beaches are made from finely ground coral, a clean fine grain. Generally if there is a beach on the shore, it is beautiful sand.
So here I have compiled some of the most beautiful Barbados beaches that are a must for all tourists who love to enjoy paradise.
Bottom Bay

10 Best Attractions to Visit in Los Angeles

This city is famous for celebrities, movie cameras, and persistent paparazzi. These may be the hallmarks of present-day Los Angeles, but the second largest city in the United States has a rich and varied history that extends far beyond the glitter of the silver screen. The city has abundant sunshine and a moderate temperate climate, which attract many folks to the area today. Los Angeles is so big that there’s something for almost everyone. This list showcases the places that are most popular with Los Angeles tourists.

So here I have compiled some of the best attractions to visit in Los Angeles. I hope this might help you in your trip to LA.