Sunday, September 18, 2011

Travel and Tourism - Fabulous Egypt Holiday

Egypt is a fantastic country with fabulous ancient history and sights that can provide a magnificent tourist destination for families.

The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx must be the most impressive landmarks to represent Egypt, as they are some of the most remarkable tombs in the world with the most amazing archeological impact.

The temples of Ramsses II and Nefertari are the next must see ancient relics as they are the most beautiful example of past times archeology. The most interesting bit about them, is probably that they were entirely moved not too recently to a safer location where they are better preserved.

The River Nile, which is regarded one of the longest and largest rivers in the world provides a fabulous cruising experience to those who are willing to sail along its banks. Being the heart of egypt, many ancients sites and sights can be seen throughout the river, with some fantastic birds, crocodiles and constructs since the foundation of Egypt.

From the River Nile, one can visit the Beautiful Valley of the Kings, which is a sacred valley home to the tomb of the Pharaohs and is also one of the most remarkably decorated archeological site with many fascinating findings inside, including the ancient mummy of Tutankhamun, who was the Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, also known as the New Kingdom from circa 1333 to 1323 BC.

Current center of culture, the capital of Cairo, which is renowned for its vast markets, history and culture. Once in the city the museums are surely not to miss.

Besides the common tourist destinations, which represent ancient Egypt one will find the Red Sea resorts like Sharm el-Sheikh and Naama Bay to provide a most extraordinary beach holiday with magnificent diving spots and a sparkling nightlife.

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