Friday, July 29, 2011

Five breathtaking Canadian attractions!

Canadian Rockies
Canadian Rockies
Although there are many attractions in Canada the following attractions are some that would be appreciated by all. The Canadian Rockies, The Niagara Falls, The Pacific Rim National Park, Baffin Island, and the Old Quebec City are never to be missed on your tour to Canada.
Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are heavily glaciated and this gives them the sharp pointed looks as opposed to the American Rockies that are rounded. These sharp pointed mountains are separated by valleys in U shapes that give these a very beautiful look that one cannot see in other parts of the world. The Canadian Rockies are very different than the other mountain ranges.
Niagara Falls

Pacific Rim National ParkThe thunderous sound of the Niagara Falls and the mesmerizing looks of the falls are one that you can’t forget in your lifetime. It is one of the amazing natural wonders the world has to give you.
You have to visit the Pacific Rim National Park to witness nature in its raw form. Luxurious hotels along the coastline give you a stunning view of nature. Surfers would also love to be in this place with a lot of surfing activity going on.
Baffin Island (Oikiqtaaluk)
Raw nature at its beauty is found in the Baffin Island. Natural sceneries untouched by mankind is still there to enthrall you. the villages that you come across occasionally are in line with nature and the people who live there respect nature very much. Baffin Island being above the artic circle you can witness midnight sun and polar nights in Pangnirtung and north. Wildlife is in abundance that includes whales, polar bear, arctic hare, wolf, seals, shore and sea birds.
Old Quebec City
The Old Quebec City is the only city north of Mexico that is fortified with its wall still exiting. It is declared as the World Heritage site since 1985 by the UNESCO. The Old Quebec City celebrated its 400th anniversary in the year 2008.

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