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10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around

There was a time when doing the world’s tallest or most dangerous bungee jump or skydiving from 4,000 feet high in the sky with the feeling of free falling towards the ground below would of caused a huge stir amongst your friends and had them in complete awe of your bravery and carefree attitude. Yep, they would have been lining up in an orderly queue to hear all about your awesome adventure. But these days, doesn’t it just seem like all of your friends and the people you know (even the totally uncool ones) seem to have done some of these reckless stunts already? Everyone is taking gap years these days and experiencing situations they would have never come near before. Now you are more likely to hear, “oh that bungee, yeah I did that last year” rather than “oh man your totally crazy!”. So in a way, these sports that get classed as extreme, just don’t seem that far out anymore because they have sorta become so everyday. I think it’s about time that us men got some of our cred back and started searching out some real extreme entertainment. I’m talking, so ridiculously scary that surely no one has lived to tell the tale?
So, I have done you the honour and rounded up some of the most extreme sporting things you could ever imagine (or not imagine as the case may be) yourself ever doing! Just don’t go telling the whole world about it as we need to keep these sports a little more low key this time to retain some of the bragging rights we’ve lost!
Volcano Boarding
Forget snowboarding lads and welcome volcano boarding. Yes, it really is as crazy as it sounds. Heading off to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain in central America – the only place in the world where you can throw yourself down an active volcano! You fly down the 2,380 ft high Cerro Negro on a specially designed wooden board reaching speeds of up to 50 mph all the time knowing that this volcano is still young and volatile and has already erupted 20 times to date, the last time being back in 1999. Surely this beauty is due a another blowout soon making this sport sure to meet any adrenaline junkies needs! This slope is 41 degrees at its steepest and although the climb to the top takes 45 minutes, you are sure to be down in a flash – hopefully in one piece.
Volcano Boarding 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
Train Surfing
Ok, so this particular activity is actually illegal therefore, I am in no way condoning that you do this! I am simply including it as it does exist. Train surfing involves the riders clinging or ‘surfing’ on moving trains and it has become extremely documented in Africa and India. Underground stations are now running campaigns against the sport. Potential obstacles lay in falling off and potential obstacles along the course such as tunnels and overhead lines. This is some serious thrill seeking but I doubt anyone is this desperate for a joy ride.
Train Surfing 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
Airkicking is an extreme sport also described as the human catapult – I think that gives you the idea. The contraption works by propelling you in the air at a pre-calculated trajectory with the use of air pressure and
water recoil technology. As the participant, you push the button to boost yourself 8 metres high in to the air to land in a pool. Just make sure you have your dive perfected as a belly flop will do some serious damage!
Airkicking 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
4WD Sand Dune Climbing
Imagine the most ridiculously steep and high sand dunes that you could never possibly climb and then imagine driving a 4×4 to the top with the fear of falling off and hey presto, you have four wheel drive sand dune climbing. The event is popular in the United Arab Emirates and amazingly there is nothing special about the car itself – it is not adapted at all! This one would surely get your heart racing just be sure to take video evidence as your mates wont believe you!
4WD Sand Dune Climbing 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
Base Jumping
If you have ever considered jumping off a very tall building…then you should probably be seeking some kind of professional help! But if you are tired of the old skydiving routine and are looking for a bigger thrill then Base Jumping is a new craze that is definitely for you. The difference being that you jump from fixed objects as with paragliding but you have a packed parachute. The acronym “B.A.S.E” stands for the four objects from which you can jump: buildings, antennae, spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs) although it has become known for the jumping of buildings part. Can you see yourself jumping off a New York skyscraper? The danger is that there is less time so you have to deploy the parachute in early flight, any troubles and you have pretty much had it which makes this sport so extreme and invigorating.
Speed RidingBase Jumping 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
Ever thought to yourself…I wonder what would happen if they mixed paragliding and skiing? Well, your wondering is over as speed riding has been born and its as fast paced as you can believe! You just need to get hold of a wing – a stunt type of parachute – and some skis and your ready. The wing will gather speed allowing you to ‘take off’ down the slopes at high speed. This is fast and dangerous and some slopes have already banned the extreme sport. Speed gliding allows you to go places normal skiing just wouldn’t allow like cliff faces and rock bands but you are truly at the mercy of the elements and gravity.
Speed Riding 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
For this next extreme sport think tight rope but its actually not tight at all – it’s slack. Think of this as rope walkings cooler and younger brother. The line is not held rigidly tight, instead it stretches and bounces a lot like a rubber band and the tension can be changed to suit the user. The flat line allows for better footing meaning that you can perform some gnarly tricks and stunts – if you dare of course! The record for the highest slackline lies with Christian Schou at 3,280 feet which is the equivalent of being 3 Eiffel towers high in the sky.
Slacklining 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
Bull Running
If you like to get your adrenaline fixes in weirder places than maybe bull running is more your thing. Running in front of a charging bull – on purpose – definitely rates on the extreme scale of things. Every July in Pamplona crowds of people place themselves in front of a charging bull to celebrate the moving of bulls from the farms to the cities where they are used for bull fights. And the only criteria to allow you to join in…that you are over 18 years old! So if you think you can out run a bull for 840 metres through an old village along with hundreds of other mentalists before reaching a safe house – you have your newest extreme sport! Just beware, 14 people have been killed taking part.
Bull Running 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
The Birdmen
Now, it has to be every guys dream to fly and now you can like The Birdmen. With the help of a little thing called the wing suit you can jump of a big cliff, control your movements and fly yourself down to the ground with no need for that old thing called a parachute! Reaching speeds of 140 to 150 miles per hour these birdmen take extreme sports to new extremes. The Romsdal Valley of Norway during the summer solstice is a popular spot for trying it out. You have the feeling of free falling until the air inflates the suit and the nylon wings propel you forward. It wont just feel like flying because you are flying! Looks terrifying…can’t wait to try it!
The Birdmen 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
Street Luge
Last but by no means least we have street luge and if you were up to it and living on a hill, this could replace your city car. It was born in southern California by downhill skateboarders who found they could reach much faster speeds by lying down flat on the board and propelling themselves down very steep hills. So if you don’t have a head for heights but you enjoy the thrill of high speeds and possible death you need to try this out! The sport now has a big presence in Europe. Be prepared for injury and some almost certain slightly broken bones as you use only your feet for brakes at speeds of 60 mph or more. It definitely takes guts.
Street Luge 10 of the Most Extreme Sports Around
So there you have it, the most extreme of extreme sports. Just be sure to say your goodbyes to loved ones before giving them a try lads.
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