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Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter

So despite being forecast a relatively mild winter this year back in October, it seems that Britain and many parts of the world are experiencing one of the coldest winters in the past 25 years with temperatures reaching -16 and set to plummet further. With the Met office issuing severe weather warnings for widespread icy roads, tales of the grit running out, plenty more snow forecast and the big freeze set to continue well in to January next year, this may well bring a new meaning to ‘the January blues’ in 2011.
Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter
Of course it’s not all bad news! Avid ski and snowboard enthusiasts are revelling in the abundance of snow with resorts doing extremely well with visitors. However, it becomes difficult to complete day to day tasks such getting to work and to the local shops and transport links can come to a standstill leaving people stranded which means that eventually the novelty begins wears thin and we are all wishing our white Christmas away! So if like me, winter sports are not your cup of tea, I say it’s time we got away for some well needed vitamin D! You may believe that feeling low in the New Year is all in the mind but this time of year can have profound effects on your body. The lack of sunlight during these winter months means that we do not get some vital nutrients that have been proven to lower energy levels, bring on depression and reduce overall motivation. So there you have it, jetting off in the New Year to warmer climes is essential for your health (that’s my excuse anyway). So make use of that credit card and Virgin money if need be -  this is a matter of life and health!
So here are a few summer holiday places that are perfect to escape to during these winter months;
Canary Islands
The canary islands are the perfect place to escape to in any month as they enjoy sunshine all year round, rain is rare and the temperatures always warm! Due to the canaries being located off the coast of Morocco in West Africa its actually south of the mainland but still part of the EU. The island can offer you a no nonsense, get away quick type of holiday to soak up some rays and come home again. What’s better – flights are
frequent, quick (about 4 hours) and cheap from the UK and you can be enjoying bright nights before you know it. Enjoy water sports, sand dunes, great amounts of choice for shopping and sunbathing whilst forgetting all about the freezing conditions back home!
For the best resort during the winter months why not try Playa Blanca which is situated right at the tip of Lanzarote. Enjoying the best micro climate on the island and the best selection of beaches including Papagayo which is located within the resort itself. This getaway is sure to not disappoint!
Morocco is now becoming much more accessible from the UK. Here you are guaranteed blue skies, the warm sun as well as a cultural experience. If laying out in the sun for seven days in a row is your idea of hell when your on holiday then why not mix it up a bit with some some sight seeing thrown in too.
morocco  Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter
Marrakech is a recommended place to visit as it is a beautifully historic city. There are beach resorts which are well served by modern hotel chains so you will receive the level of holiday you are accustomed to but you can also explore the old markets and the stunning scenery of the Atlas Mountains – all just a stones throw from your sun lounger. Also on offer are activities such as desert safari and excellent nightlife with the likes of Arabian themed nights, fire eaters and snake charmers to keep you entertained.
South Africa

OK, so jetting off to South Africa for a getaway considering it is 12 hours away on a plane may seem a little far but if you are lucky enough to have accrued some holiday days which you have then taken through to the new year (or you are happy to use most of your holidays at the beginning of the year) then this trip is perfectly realistic. No only will you have blue skies but extremely warm temperatures during your stay. However, due to the country being so large not all places will be having great weather for instance, Johannesburg is literally freezing around this time of year. Therefore, you have to know where to go.
South Africa  Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter
As a general rule, the south west of Africa receives the hottest weather during the European months of the year. The country’s terrain ranges from desert to mountains to rolling Savannah rich in wildlife. Gambia offers some gorgeous and luxurious resorts for your stay and the weather is considered to be the best in Africa. Consider this to be the most idyllic sunbathers holiday where you are likely to experience virtually no rain between the November and March months and the temperature sits consistently at around 32 degrees. This is the trip for you if you are a serious sunbather and beach connoisseur.
The Maldives
Maldives Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter
The Maldives is an island set in the Indian ocean. Its terrain is spread over 90,000 geographic kilometres making it one of the most dispersed countries in the world. A series of archipelagos and coral reefs make up the Indian Ocean islands. Imagine complete island paradise and that pretty much sums up the Maldives – I defy anyone to find good enough reasons not to go! Direct flights from the UK will fly you into a tropical style paradise where your only distractions will be what to have for your next drink.
maldives  Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter
The Maldives boast just under 2,000 coral islands grouped in to 26 atolls and has an amazing barrier reef making it the perfect destination for diving enthusiasts. Other activities also include scuba diving, snorkeling, enjoying the spectacular beaches and hopping from island to island by boat. You will be guaranteed peace and tranquility with some hotels being on there own island. The Maldives would be the perfect stress reliever after the festive season and would get you fully rebooted for the year ahead!photo source
If you like splendid scenery and bagfuls of charm with a whole lot of tropical thrown in – Madeira is the holiday for you this winter! Known as the purple islands by the Romans and also called the Isle of Eternal Spring, it has been wowing visitors for centuries. This is a top choice for travellers who want to enjoy the winter sun without the company of hundreds of other tourists in tow! Travelling to the beautiful Madeira will only take you around 4 hours by flight from the UK which is another highlight of deciding to holiday here.
Enjoy the long and peaceful walking trails through the nature reserve and the volcanic rock formations in the eastern part of Madeira or be more thrill seeking and choose from a host of water sports and beach activities. The spot even has some of the best hotels in the world including Reid’s Palace which has been one of the islands classic landmarks for over a century. Madeira truly does have something to satisfy every one’s tastes which makes it a great spot at any time of the year. Don’t forget to bring friends and family back some must have souvenirs of Madeira wine and Madeira cake!
Caribbean Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter
If you were to hear the words Cuba, Bahamas, St.Lucia or Barbados, what would come to mind? I am pretty sure it isn’t anything negative as those words have the power to only drum up purely positive thoughts and wishful thinking or work desk daydreaming! Well, you don’t have to endlessly wish away any longer as the Caribbean has it all and is waiting on your winter arrival to help you alleviate those January blues! With guaranteed temperatures of between 22 and 25 degrees from November to February time some travellers believe this is the perfect time of year to go as it avoids both the rainy season and hurricane season.
Caribbean  Sunny Destinations To Escape To This Winter
The particular Caribbean island that you choose to visit will depend entirely upon what you expect to partake in during your stay. Anguilla’s long and unbroken stretches of white sandy beaches may strike your fancy or Dominica’s rugged trails, teeming wildlife and spectacular terrain are perfect for hikers. There are so many places to see that you may find yourself revisiting the Caribbean islands for many years to come. So what are you waiting for, jet off on your holidays now with direct flights from London and grab your guaranteed winter sun!
South Florida
South Florida is renowned for its typically dry and pleasant weather conditions during the December and January months. It enjoys an excellent winter climate with average temperature highs of 75 degrees and average January rainfall of 6cm in comparison to 20cm in the month of June. This is a particular holiday favourite during this time of year with families who can enjoy the Disneyland and Orlando theme parks.
However, singletons and couples alike should not be put off by this point. Beach resorts off the Gulf of Mexico  and places such as St Petersburg, Clearwater, Naples, Marco Island and Captiva Island all offer great beaches along the warm coastline and a wide range of holiday accommodation from luxury hotels to villas and apartments.  Alternatively you can stay in the Miami area or drive down to the Florida Keys. Florida is definitely a safe bet for British holidaymakers desperate for some vitamin D!
It may take around 11 hours to fly there but Mexico is considered to have some of the best winter sun there is. As most of the country lies in the Tropics the weather is almost guaranteed to be nice and sunny all year which helps to make it such an attractive long haul destination for visitors. Typically, this region enjoys 6 to 8 hours of sunshine each day giving you plenty of time to soak up the rays and re-cooperate this New Year.
Mexico is an ideal choice if you want to enjoy the simple pleasures of sunbathing, relaxing and maybe some water sports in the unbelievably clear waters. Plus, walk along white beaches and enjoy the haven of laid back locals who have perfected the art of relaxing. Plus, not a clubber in sight. And if sunbathing isn’t your fellas thing there are plenty of golf courses to be explored and enjoyed while you put your feet up. So what are you waiting for? There’s nothing like getting your tan on while your family and friends are back home worrying about snow tires, slippery roads and wondering if the pipes might freeze!
Jade is constantly travelling for work and so blogs as she is transported around the UK on Virgin trains.

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