Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary – Heart and Soul Of Goa Tour

Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is located on the western side of the Island of Chorao (Goa), and it is a heaven for ornithologists and bird watchers. This sanctuary covers a wide are of 1.8 sq Km. This is the one and only santuary which can be found in whole Goa. The name of this santuary itself suggests that it is named in the honour of a great ornithologist Dr Salim Ali. Birds belonging to different parts of the world can be found here in abundance.

Avifauna And Other Animal Species
The sanctuary has a special feel to it. The atmosphere and surrounded scenary makes this place beautiful and refreshing. It is a home to a lot of different species of birds, which belong to both the local and migrating categories. Birds like Egrets, Pintails and Kingfishers are found in abundance at the Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary. You can alsi find crocodiles, jackals and flying foxes here . The best time to visit this place is between october and march. Santuary also have a watch tower which assures a beutiful viewing of different beautiful birds.
The park is filled with mangroves. This is considered as the most productive type of ecosystems, and this is because almost all of the isolated areas around the place are lined with the same Mangrove types of vegetations. The reason you see so many birds around the place is that it is home to a variety of different insects that birds just love to eat.
This bird sanctuary is open to one and all throughout the year. You can easily visit this place, just one formailty which you must complete before visiting is that you must ask for permission from the forest department. You would be taken via cab or bus from Panaji to Ribandar ferry wharf, where you would walk to the sanctuary. You could affiliate yourself with a Goa tour, which would offer you the incredible experience of viewing different types of birds in the area.

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