Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mont St. Michel of Europe – Real Beauty of Nature

Nature has created a lot of things for human kind to seek pleasure and contentment from and its wonders are present all across the globe in different regions; apart from that there are many that are created by men in extravagant and marvelous manner. These creations are either historic or modern to assemble and observe with great interest. One of such creations that are manmade yet totally outstanding is Mont St. Michel of Europe. This setting is present on the borderline that is present between Normandy and Brittany and probably one of the most visited place in the entire Europe.

Mont St. Michel is basically an islet that is present in the northwest side of France in the Gulf of Saint Malo. It is a connection between two lands in a unique pattern. The place surrounding this great landmark has small houses, shops and cafes on towards the lowest slope and towards the higher end there are plenty of monastic buildings situated, a lot of these buildings belonging to 13th century. The architecture is amazing and considered to be one of the most creative and greatest examples of Gothic era. The overall islet of Mont St. Michel is centered by the abbey church which is present about 240 feet about the sea level at the peak.

This place holds great importance because of being so old and modernized at the same time. During the passage of time, there were many chapels and churches that were created in the region and they got modified by people and the conquerors. All the buildings represent rich art history being created from granite but a few of them have limestone implied as well.

Within 15th century, it held Romanesque parish church around the abbey, a 14th century barbican was also present that was used for abbey’s defense movements and mechanisms. Mont St. Michel was built within a strong rock that is about 84 meters high; the architecture and formation was done through pure granite which is why it has resisted the temperature and climate changes for so long and still looks as durable as it would have been in the past. The historic purpose of this landmark would have been protection of the abbey church and some other regions around but for now, it is considered to be one of the greatest places to visit in the entire France for your trip to get much insightful and memorable.

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