Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sharm el Sheikh – A Place to Watch Out

Sharm el sheikh has become a major attraction for tourists today and the town called Red Sea resort seems to be gaining a lot of popularity in there recently. The interesting thing about this town located in Sharm el sheikh is that around 25 years ago it used to be a very important strategic naval base. The Egyptian government soon realized the importance of this place and invested highly in building its infrastructure; the beauty was already there so they transformed it into a paradise. Regular visitors usually refer to this place as only Sharm. It is located at the very south of Sinai Peninsula.

The Red Sea resort town of Sharm spreads on around 12 miles and you can enjoy the golden beaches belonging to the Red Sea coast. The waters here are crystal clear and totally blue therefore this place is said to be one of the best destinations where diving can be done. Sharm el sheikh basically is divided into 3 different areas; Ras Um Sid Cliff, Sharm el Maya, and Naama Bay. If you want to see the old Sharm el sheikh town than visiting El Maya should be done. There is resort named Cliff Top at Ras Um Sid Cliff; this basically links Naama Bay and Sharm el Maya with each other. Over here you can find excellent places to drink, eat, and shop.

Sharm el sheikh counts as a new development today and Europeans take it as one of their favorite destinations today; especially the Italians, Germans, and the British. There are several top class hotels you can find over here; almost everyone can find something suiting their budget. Since Sharm el Sheikh has been recently modernized and invested in; several hotels are newly built, which means they meet the modern standards pretty well.

Shopping in Sharm el sheikh is a lot of fun as well; there are basically two choices for shopping over here. Shopping malls are the modern choice where you use credit cards and get fixed prices and the second option is the traditional shopping; Old Markets, you can find bargains and carry cash with you. Also, when it comes to entertainment in Sharm el sheikh; what more can be said then it just like the Vegas for the Middle East. You can find several restaurants, bars, casinos, etc that would take special care of tourists. You find a lot of hospitality in Sharm el sheikh so enjoy your visit.

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