Friday, June 3, 2011

Pakistan – WooooW

See the Real Pakistan…
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8 km (5 miles) south of Skardu, 20 minutes by jeep, lies the Satpara Lake . Surrounded by high glacial mountains, this lake has an island in the middle of its clear waters, which can be reached, by boat.. The lake is considered ideal for fishing.
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Chilam .. a beautiful valley of north Pakistan
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About 32 kms (20 miles) from Skardu, 2 hours by jeep, lie the shimmering waters of the Kachura Lake . In the spring time its banks area droned by a multitude of colorful flowers, while the trees are laden with peach, apricot and apple blossoms. The lake offers great opportunities for trout fishing.
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Another view of Sheosar Lake …
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Going to Skardu from Kachura
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Fairy Meadows…. In the area where locals live …
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Fairy Meadows Lake ...
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Byaal Camp ... between the fairy meadows and base camp
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View of rocky beach near ship breaking yard in Gaddani Hub Baluchistan
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Crystal clear water Lake Satpara , 8 kms from Skardu.
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Deosai, highest and largest Plateau on the planet earth at an average height of 13,500 feet above sea level. The Deosai Plateau covers anarea of almost 3,000 square kilometers and the name Deosai literally means ?sleeping giant?. For just over half the year between November and May, Deosai is snow-bound. The spectacular scenery that Deosai offers from mid-June to mid-September is highlighted by numerous species of vegetation. The landscape is covered with wildflowers that make Deosai radiant with bright colors throughout the summer. The presence of unique wildlife complements Deosai's natural vegetation.
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The inter-connected Biafo and Hispar glaciers form the longest glacial system in the world outside the polar area and combined length is about 116 kilometers. It is also linking the Baltistan and Hunza Valley and cutting through the Karakuram Range . The climax of this trek (HisperPass) 5150m, at the conjunction of the Biafo (60 Km) and HisperGlacier, offers incredible view of peaks and glacier valleys. During the trek You will see Latok I, Latok II, and Latok III, The Ogre Peakand some excellent Panoramas.
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Nanga Parbat from Byaal Camp ...
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Upper Kachura Lake
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Near Ansoo lake
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Sheosar Lake ... at 14500 ft above sea level

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