Saturday, November 26, 2011

2-3 Hours In Milan?

  What can you see in Milan having only 2-3 hours? There are many interesting and less-visited places there. But these ones may become of top priority...

The first one appears to be Castello Forzesco - a castle that somehow resembles the Kremlin of Moscow, and no wonder, the authors of two wonderful constructions are the same.

But remember the situation with parking a car is hard in Milan.

Ditch at the castle

The castle inside has huge territory.

Its frequent visitors are cats and pigeons...

...peacefully living with each other...

Cortile della Rocchetta - the small part of the whole ensemble.

In fact this architectural ensemble is built all over again as it had been demolished many times. The most interesting things are hidden in the museums on the castle territory. 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II seems to be a busier place.

The dome and the glass roof allows to see all the beauty of the Italian architecture without artificial light.

Guys playing Vivaldi "Le quattro stagioni" ("The four seasons")

But many people come here first of all for brands...

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