Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zion National Park, Utah

Why will you be stunned once you get here? Cause Zion National Park is magic! It is a green river, white trees, quiet red and green colors. And a red asphalt road, of course! Come here to become a fan of the Utah nature once and forever!  These are the photographs from Zion National Park.

A week ticket to the park costs 25 dollars. You will be given a booklet with the routes.

Winter here is not a peak season - hotels are 2 times cheaper.

Overlook Trail:


The lowest part if the desert - Coalpits Wash Trail. It is warm here in winter, but in summer it's unbearably hot! 

Enjoy wine-red and pink beauties in the end of the route!

The mountain called Altar of Sacrifice.

The northern part of the park - is one of the best. Here deer can be often met.

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