Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World’s Top 5 Places to Live for Retirees

5. Thailand

Tropical temperatures, gorgeous beaches, low living costs, gentle people and food that is also incredibly healthy. What’s not to like? Avoid Bangkok like the plague. It is so polluted it will take years off your life. But keep looking and you could well find the retirement home of your dreams. The island of Koh Samui and mountain city of Chiang Mai are equally charming.
4. Australia

You will probably have to keep your head below the parapet when the Ashes are being contested, but very few English-speaking countries offer such a relaxed lifestyle. Getting the relevant retirement visa can be tough, and you will need to clear a number of hurdles, in terms of both your income and capital assets, but you won’t regret it. Look to buy in Victoria or New South Wales rather than the brasher Gold Coast.
3. Le Marche, Italy

Not as awash with tourists as some other parts of Italy, the Le Marche region on the Adriatic Coast has everything from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches and sun-kissed vineyards. Everything we love about Italy in miniature. Property is far cheaper than in the neighbouring region of Tuscany.
2. Florida

You would not wish retirement in some parts of Florida on your worst enemy, but it is an enormous state, with some classy enclaves, particularly on the Gulf of Mexico. Weather-wise, the Sunshine State is as good as its word. And, while the cost of medical care in the US is higher than in Britain, it is more than offset by the lower cost of living.
1. South-west France

For Britons unfazed by language barriers, the south of France remains the perfect retirement location. It has a warm climate, a wonderfully lazy lifestyle and easy access from Britain. Property-buyers for whom money is no object will probably still head for the Côte d’Azur, but there is better value – and, arguably, more charming scenery – in the Languedoc and Gascony, where you can buy farmhouses for under £500,000.

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