Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wonders of Beijing

  Let us make a tour to Beijing and reveal the most interesting places in the capital of China.

Forbidden city

In Jinshan park

View of Forbidden city


Roofs of Chinese temples are perfect!

In Forbidden City

Young couple and Mao Zedong's mausoleum behind

The guy who stands closer is also from police, he's watching visitors.

What Chinese do in the parks is dancing and wushu, in this case they stand on bricks and they should push each other off by only one touch, grabbing is forbidden. A little Chinese has won everyone.

Hand-made staff

Temple of the heaven

Look! The Chinese girls on the right photograph their toys against the background of the temple, it's fashionable now...

Beijing is a beautiful city.

Catholic temple

Kung Fu show

A funicular will take you to the Wall.

Look how steep the descent is.

The historic part of the wall that hasn't been restored yet.

Olympic object

Olympic stadium

Chinese yogurt is said to be tasty.
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