Monday, November 28, 2011

Emerald Buddha Temple In Bangkok

This is a temple complex Vat Prateo in Bangkok. Probably it's main value is Emerald Buddha Temple, it attracts buddhist pilgrims from all over the world. It should be noticed that this temple is a place where prays the current Thai king Rama IX. It's strictly forbidden to photograph inside so the buddha itself may only be described in words: 66 cm tall and 48 cm wide together with a pedestal, portrayed in a traditional pose - sitting his legs crossed. And in fact, he's not emerald, but made of green jade. Probably something like this:

Along the inside perimeter of the monastery a gallery is formed - it's painted with scenes from Thai versification of Ramayana - Ramakien. 

People come either with babies...

Or older kids.

Such a fine work

Many worshippers around

And monks ...

Some of them quite ugly

Chinese, Khmers, Hindus - they all contributed to creation of the latest classic Thai style - rattanakosin.

Conceptual trash bin

And this is the king's palace

Guards of the palace

These pictures are from Vat Po temple. Its main sight - 46 meters high statue symbolizing Buddha's Nadaville.

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