Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terra-Cotta History Of China

It is quite a popular tourist destination, we know. But each time looking at the terra-cotta warriors you are amazed.

You've probably heard that all of them are of natural human size, and all faces are unique.

General of the Army

Nearby furs of foxes, wolves and other animals are sold.

Super modern high-speed trains station.

Trains go with speed of 430 km/h, that is only 2 times slower than a plane flies.

In the mountains

Kung-fu school


Training is usually tough.

Here's what shaolins can do!

A bridge between the rocks.

Vertical rocks are more interesting.

Boulders hanging over the path.

A long way to the monastery.

The monastery is in a hard-to-reach place - it takes nearly 3 hours to get there!

Will you dare?

Shaolin came here for meditation.

He is a real warrior.

Roofs of Chinese temples are wonderful.

Potatoes or maybe not - but it's sweet.

Mountain dwellers

Different people agree to pose...

Shaolin temple.

Wonderfully painted ceilings.

Guards of the temple.

Brave overtaking! Look at the sign.

Usual mess on the roads.

A woman with a sack more than herself is ordinary too.

Massage shoes

Famous grottoes in Luoyang

Giant buddhas cut out in the rocks, their sizes amaze!

Smaller buddhas.
Twins in hats

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