Monday, November 28, 2011

The Whole Human History In One Museum

  Deutsches Museum is one of the biggest museums of science and technology in the world. Practically all the evolution from ancient times till nowadays is shown here. The museum is located in Munich and contains more than 50 exhibition halls with the total area of 47000 sq.metres. It is really huge, it has 5 floors. A ticket costs 8,5 eu.

This is the central hall with ancient ships and sailers.

Sailer modules with great detalization.

Ships made from bones.


The ship interior.

The wheelhouse.


The engine room.

A cutter.


The special pool for little boats.

There are a lot of dioramas, that is stagings of real life moments of sailers.

Navy measuring instruments.

Globes and rules for coordinate finding.

The bay diorama.

Military ships.

The module of one of the first submarines.

The whaling stand.

Ancient boats.

A real screw.


A submarine.


The Deutsch submarine.

And that is the aeronautics hall. Here tourists can see the history of air navigation from kites till modern air planes.


Ballon modules.

Modules of the first air planes.

Copies are life-sized.

A dirigable pilot.

Air planes of the 20th century.

A plastic cylider for tourists' safety.

Helicopter fans.

The cargo helicopter.

The prow of a passenger air plane.


A dispatcher room.


The module of the Soviet attack plane"IL-2"that was made for volunteers' money during the Second World War. 

A centrifuge.

Motorcycles and motorbikes of these years.
The museum contains a great number of telescopes of different nations and different times.

Tourists can watch cells or little insects.

The cosmos hall. The rocket A4/V2, 1944.

The compartment of the international space station.

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