Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 Best Countries to See Mystic Megalithic Sites

Every time we find ourselves unable to explain something, more than feeling powerless we feel fascinated and attracted to that particular something. This is also the case of the strange beautiful megaliths that can be found all around the world and whose history is still an open case.

There are also numerous temples and constructions made of stone that still manage to sparkle our imagination even nowadays.
Here I have compiled some the best countries to see mystic megalithic sites. I hope you will like it.

It is the place where the most famous stones in the world are hosted and we all know that is Stonehenge. But the Stonehenge is far from being the only place to find megaliths in the UK. The menhirs and the dolmens all have their special names and histories, but the most interesting are the legends behind them.

This country is also famous worldwide because of the giant stones turned into monuments by the ancient peoples. The most famous of all the sites in France is definitely Carnac, where more than 3000 stones have been erected. Other sites are just as interesting: an example is Filitosa, located in Corsica.

Even though they are not just as famous as the sites in UK or France, the ones in Sweden are just as interesting and if you get to travel to this country you should try and visit them.

The entire South America is filled with such constructions, some of them being amongst the most impressive in the world. In Argentina one of the best places to see them is called Parque los Menhires which is accessible to tourists all around the world.

Millions of tourists are attracted every year by the beauty and magnificence of some of the most impressive man-made sites. In no other country were the gods or the kings offered such megalomaniac proves of obedience like here.

Russia is not exactly the first location that comes into your mind when you think about megaliths. One interesting site is on the coast of the Black Sea in the Krasnodar area, near Gelendzhik. Here, other items were found as well as big stone balls and animal sculptures.

The most famous location to see in this country in order to taste a piece of history is Baalbek. The temples remained to this day, blocks bigger than 100 tons being used for their construction. How they were built remains quite a mystery.

Bolivia is the place to find the constructions left by another ancient civilization of the world. And one of the most famous sites is Tiwanaku where ancient temples were left up to this day to puzzle scientists. The first time the site was recorded 1549, when it was discovered by the conquistadors.

It is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world, the closest coast being the one of Chile. Even though not very large, the island has a very complex history that includes many tragedies. The monuments are called “moai” and their strange physiognomy has puzzled scientists.

High above the modern town of Mycenae are the ruins of an ancient city state that was hailed by the same name. Greece is full of megalithic sites like the lion gate and the circle of royal tombs.

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