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Exploring Magic of Jordan (part1)

Jordan 17
Unique Dead Sea is our starting point in visiting and getting acquainted with Jordan.

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The Dead Sea is a salt lake between Israel and Jordan. Its coast is the lowest part of the land on the Earth. The Dead Sea is one of the most saline waterbodies in the world as the salinity level reaches 33,7 %.
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Several drying up streams and Jordan river falls into the sea. The watercourse has reduced from 1,43 billion to 100 million cubic meters of water over the last 40 years.
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Mineral substance rate in the water comes up to 33%.
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During the last century the Dead Sea resources have been developed very fast which has led to a sharp fall of underground water level.
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For the time being the sea level falls about 1 meter a year. The situation presents a great threat to the tourism. The scientists have offered some rescue projects, one of them is now in its modelling stage. It'll cost about $3-4 billion.
In spite of the common belief, the Dead Sea is not the most saline in the world. The first place take the Assal lakes in Djibouti.

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The water looks like vegetable oil.

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Garbage looks like garbage, though.

According to the official data about 50 billion tons of natural minerals are diluted in the Dead Sea.

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If some fish accidentally swims in the sea from a fresh water spring, it immediately dies and its body gets covered with a layer of minerals and then it is thrown to the shore.

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The most popular souvenir from the Dead Sea is black mud. This substance contains a lot of minerals and can be used for cosmetic wrapping, which cleans and stimulates skin cells.

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Wadi Rum desert is considered a Jordanian national park. It is a wonderful timeless place, untouched by the civilization.

Some peaks can be 1750 meters high so that only seasoned alpinists can climb them.

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