Friday, January 6, 2012

Exploring Magic of Jordan (part4)

Tourists can spend a night in the desert in a special camp, but don't forget to take warm clothes as the temparature falls as low as -4 °C at night.

Now let's taste some Jordanian cuisine.
Kanafeh is a traditional Palestinian dish. It is believed to have appeared in the city of Nablus from where it has spread to the other regions of the country. It was one of the main dishes of the Ottoman Empire. A Jordanian confectioner's has kindly agreed to demonstrate the praparation of kanafeh.

The baking tray gets smeared with butter, margarine or palm oil.

Then the pastry gets spread over it.

It can be of three types: long thin noodle-like threads or crumbly semolina pastry, sometimes it's a mixture of two types.

Then heat goat's cheese.

Kanafeh is cooked with almonds, walnuts, syrup or cream. The dish is quite rich in calories which makes the difference with European or Asian cuisine.

Lay out the cheese.

Then the very cooking begins.

Cooking time - 5 minutes.

Then the cheese gets rammed.

The hand will do.

Then thick syrup is then poured over.

And our kanafeh is ready. The only shortcoming is that it has to be eaten right after it is cooked.

Don't forget to add some pistachios, it is very important.

The world's largest kanafeh was cooked by the Palestinians: it was 75 meters long, 2 meters wide and weighed 1350 kilos.

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