Friday, January 6, 2012

Wonders of Iran (part2)

We find ourselves in the so-called Armenian quarter where 3 churches are situated (according to the map). This is one of them that is, actually, not very different from all the mosques in its outward appearance.

And this is already Yazd city, one of the most interesting places of Iran.

You can easily lose your way among the labyrinth of narrow streets of the old part of the city. 

According to the locals, this lattice thing was used during the Imams' burial. One can also descend the building and have a closer look at the lion.

And these are badgirs - the towers that caught the wind and sent it downwards inside the building. Some kind of an ancient air-conditioning system of that time. In summer the temperature is often +42 C here.

The house of Khan-e Lari at first glance looks like an ordinary hotel. Well, in general all the rich houses of the old city look like that: plain clay walls from the outside and spacious rich rooms with a large inner yard, fontains and green trees inside.

What is curious is that on its walls and ceiling there are portraits of some European-looking girls.

By the way, to find your way out of the labirinth of narrow streets is possible - you just need to find a place from where you can see the tall Jameh Mosque prayer-towers.

And this is Zoroastrian Fire Temple. They say, this fire has already been burning for more than 1500 years.

A beautiful view of the Zoroastrian cemetery from the Towers of Silence.

In former times the dead were simply brought to the top of these towers and left at the mercy of birds because Zoroastrians believed the "nasty" dead body shouldn't adjoin any of 3 holy elements: water, land and fire and should be eaten by animals as quickly as possible.

Now this wildness is unacceptable and people are buried in a usual way here.

Some more Towers of Silence.

And an amazingly beautiful sunset.

Describing all the monques, houses, walls and towers we forgot about the most important - Iranian people that are so kind, friendly and frank that you simply enjoy talking to them.

Most people know very little about Iran. Only that it follows its traditions, provides severe punishment for criminals and if one doesn't follow norms of Islamic morality he will soon find himself in a jail. As for Iranian women, they are all wrapped in black from head to toe.

If you are one of those people who still thinks so, you are going to be slightly disappointed. Yes, women and gils all wear headscarfs in Iran but very often this piece of clothes doesn't even hide the girls' crowns, not to mention their fringes.

Iranian girls are very beautiful for the most part.

Some of them unbelievably beautiful.

Most of them easily agree to be photographed.

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