Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 Most Beautiful Barbados Beaches

Barbados, the island that so many love has an appeal throughout the year. Although the Caribbean is known for hurricanes it is very rare for the island to suffer one. The Barbados West coast is known as the ‘Platinum Coast’. Barbados really is a luxury destination and this area is a high end tourist destination.

Barbados is a relatively flat island with an abundant supply of large gradually sloping coral beaches fringing the land. Barbados is a coral island and its beaches are made from finely ground coral, a clean fine grain. Generally if there is a beach on the shore, it is beautiful sand.
So here I have compiled some of the most beautiful Barbados beaches that are a must for all tourists who love to enjoy paradise.
Bottom Bay

Just north of the famed Sam Lord’s Castle, this bay is protected by large cliffs. A private, wide sandy beach lined with palms, bottom Bay has a true Robinson Crusoe feel to it. Crystal clear waters, medium waves, slight undertow, and a good picnicking spot.
Crane Beach
Originally a harbor Crane beach is considered by many to be one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. Bigger waves make it good for body surfing, but in the cove to the left there is safe swimming close to shore.
Church Point

A very special beach, clean, not very wide and somewhat sheltered, the waters are almost always placid with no undertow and good snorkeling. This beach is in front of the stunning Heron Bay House, which is almost as beautiful to view as the pristine beach it looks upon.
Long Beach

This is the last in the island loop, and stretches for more than a mile, a great find since it is secluded and private. The nearby long Beach Club has facilities; otherwise, this is a fairly private setting.
Dover Beach

Lying at the Southern end of the St. Lawrence Gap ‘strip’ this is a popular beach among visitors to the south coast. Medium waves and a number of facilities close by add to its appeal.
This by far the longest beach on the island. It’s rough and rugged splendor make it a popular sightseeing and relaxing spot. It is several miles long and very often deserted. It is a perfect location for nature lovers.
There is usually a lifeguard and there are parking, changing, picnic and eating facilities. Medium to small waves and slight undertow close to shore make this a good swimming beach.
Mullins Bay

This is another popular hangout, a picturesque bay with a nice, placid beach almost all year round. Plenty of facilities, from parking and eating, Mullins are also a very good snorkeling area. VIP villas have numerous Villas on the beach here.
Folkstone beach

There are many water-related activities, along with fresh water showers and shops. There is an interpretive centre and museum. The underwater park zone extends from Sandy Lane to Colony Club and you can rent snorkeling equipment around the fringe reef, or hire a boat for diving.
Sandy Lane Bay

The beach of Sandy Lane, the island’s most opulent resort is home to Villas on the beach, Barbados. This is a long, wide beach which is in pristine condition and well-maintained. Quite literally it can be a VIP spotting beach with many a celebrity holidaying here.

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