Friday, January 6, 2012

Wonders of Iran (part3)

While others can even shake your hand (and this is considered unthinkable from the point of view of the elder generation).

Moreover, some young Iranians aren't even ashamed of walking along the street and holding each other's hands.

But the signs with quotes from the Holy Quran remind Iranians that they are still Muslims.

And any alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Actually, Iranian people are very sociable. They like to communicate with tourists, even in a case they don't know English.

For some reason, foreigners always draw their attention. 

But don't worry. They would never bother you, they would just say hello to you, smile and go their way.

Speaking about Iranian people we can't not to mention Iranian markets and their charming sellers. This is how a market looks at the working day.

Pity but most goods are made in China. Fakes of famous brands are also quite often here.

The main product of Iran is, of course, famous Persian carpets that are rather expensive though.

It's well known that East countries usually sell much gold and its price happens to be quite low.

Iranian market has a great variety of different gold jewellery. 

Perfume pouring.

A stall with extremely beautiful jugs, vases and plates you simply can't pass by.

But raspberry turned out to be expensive - $5 per kilogram.

The poultry market.

Spices sellers. There are lots of stalls with spices at the market. Sometimes a certain spice is grinded right in front of you.

Different dried herbals are also sold along with spices.

And sometimes nuts.

Now it's time for one good question: have you ever heard the statement that "Iran resembles Italy"? Believe it or not but it really does! And here are some pictures that prove this statement. For example these Alpine fields on the wall.

The Iranian flag consists of the same colors in the same order as the Italian one not for nothing.

Shiraz has its own Tower of Pisa.

But what is more important Shiraz is often described as the pizza capital of the world. Hope we convinced you that these two countries have something in common. 
But if seriously, you should come to Iran and see everything with your own eyes, because no pictures can capture all the Iranian beauty.

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