Friday, January 6, 2012

Harry Potter Theme Park

Potter 1

Orlando is not only famous for Cape Canaveral, from where space shuttles are launched, but also for numerous Theme parks, like Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and other. A new area dedicated to Harry Potter has recently been opened in the Islands of Adventure. By the way, it is a unique place in the world where one can taste a real ButterBeer.

Potter 2
While the rest of the park is nearly empty, Harry Potter area is usually overcrowded.

Potter 3
To get inside the souvenir shop with magic wands one has to wait minimum an hour in a line.

Potter 4

Potter 5

Potter 7
There are two rollercoasters in the park - one is hidden inside the castle and the other is installed right above the visitors' heads.

Potter 8

Potter 9

Potter 10

Potter 11

Potter 12
Harry Potter's territory isn't big. Wizard's neighbors are dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park.

Potter 13

Potter 14
Some more shots from the other areas of the park.

Potter 15

Potter 16

Potter 20
Captain America asks a kid whether he has made all his homework before letting him enter the park.

Potter 21
Some kid's go-kart birthday celebration.

Potter 22
Table with food for parents.

Potter 23

Potter 24

Potter 25

Potter 26

Potter 27

Potter 28

Potter 29

Potter 30

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