Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not Travelling Destinations: Cambodia And Vietnam (part1)

Cambodia is the poorest country of the southeast Asia. Let's find out what one can see if one turns from the beaten tourist track.
The country has only one site of worldwide importance - Angkor Wat, and all the tourism infrastructure is concentrated around it. The route below promises far more interesting ride over real Cambodia.

Usual situation on the road.

Girls sell freshly fried spiders and locusts.

The major part of the citizens cannot go abroad as one has to pay 250 dollars for the passport. Such amount of money is unreal for the majority of people.

A usual village: wooden houses, no electricity. People carry storage batteries to the closest more or less bigger town to recharge them.

Houses are built on piles, hen house and barn are on the ground.

People are unbelievably open.

Small puddle-like lake in the backyard.

And ducks with pigs.

Pay attention to the cheerful faces - everybody is smiling sincerely.

Interior of a house.

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