Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (part2)

The very Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is located higher, to get there one has to survive more than 400 steps.

All along the staircase there are full-size statues of golden Buddhas to accompany a visitor.

Every Buddha is different: Buddha with children, Buddha sitting, Buddha standing, old Buddha and kid Buddha, sad and happy one, talking and silent one, praying, amazed, begging and what not.

Buddhas in various positions.

And various expressions.

But staircase turns out to be not the most amazing part. Inside the monastery there are about 13000 little Buddhas on the walls with different facial expressions. In the center there are big golden statues.

Over the territory of the monastery one may see the notices which ask to ignore fake monks. The thing is that local people buy monk-like clothes and ask naive tourists for money.

To the right you may see the unbelievably long hand of Buddha.

One of the fantastic appearances of Bodhissatva - riding enraged lion.

One can examine the details of such statues for hours.

View from the red pagoda you saw on the previous picture.

Another staircase, but instead of gold these Buddhas are colorful.

Some are very weird.

Mythical Chinese dragons.

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