Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trip Over Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island where tourists go to get unforgettable impressions from scenic nature landscapes and ancient culture.

Rice terraces.

Pura Besakih temple in the clouds.

Indonesians are very devout people - near every house there are ritual buildings dedicated to one of three Hindu gods.

People are very open and cheerful.

The view of a mountain in the clouds is amazing.

The territory of Pura Besakih temple is quite big and full of different ritual constructions.

This is the highest point of the temple.

Stone elephant quietly observes the temple.

To enter the temple territory one has to wrap oneself up with a sarong - a piece of bright fabric.

Batur mountain is one of the highest spots of Bali.

Black part of the landscape is not soil but the remains of lava stream which have destroyed all the trees and plants.

One more temple - Tirta Empul.

Ablutions, in the East, have always been more or less a part of religious worship. One can see many people in the water here, too.

One more distinctive feature of Bali are the rice terraces. These are wonderful constructions where water irrigates numerous levels of little mountain fields.

Local market.

A man working on a rice terrace.

The other watch people working with a great pleasure.

General view of the terraces.

This scenic place is Tanah Lot temple

Under the influence of the ocean waves the rock under the temple is constantly being destroyed. Unfortunately tourists are not allowed to enter the temple not even step on the staircase.

Golf club behind palm trees.

A man ploughing mud.

One of the funniest animals here are, of course, monkeys. It is the road to their dwelling places.

Souvenirs store with numerous traditional carved figures and masks.

Monkeys feel very comfortable here, they are used to the tourists who feed them.

Tourists cautiously follow their guide.

Forest cuties.

Ordinary Bali staircase.

Another forest citizen.

These women create fabric paintings.

And this is a jewellery factory.

A small coffee store by a plantation.

This animal, called Luwak, it takes part in preparing Indonesian coffee.

Passage to the famous beach Padang-Padang.

Which leads to heaven.

One can have a romantic dinner in a restaurant by the ocean.

View of the mountain lakes Beratan, Buyan and Tamblingan. The height is 1300 meters.

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