Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 Most Romantic Ideas for Honeymoon

On your honeymoon, you want the ultimate in romance. You’ve just been married, which we all hope to do only once, and so you really want to make it count. Even if you go on a second honeymoon, which many couples do, it still won’t have the magic of that first week or two you and your new husband or wife spend together on your own. Naturally, you’ll want to get it right.

So to help you out, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most romantic ideas I can think of for your honeymoon. If you want add your idea, please do share with us in comment section.
Take dance lessons together

Dancing is always romantic, so why not take the plunge together and spend one evening learning a whole new style? You’ll be able to whip it out and impress all of your friends at future parties in addition to having a very romantic evening on your honeymoon.
Canal Ride

Gliding down a canal, exploring parts of a city other tourists never manage, is quite a romantic experience, particularly if you can acquire a private boat with just the two of you and the person sailing the boat. Any city which has a canal system would do. Venice is just one example.
Cocktails on the Beach

Sitting virtually alone on the beach with your favorite drinks in hand, particularly at sunset – this is almost the ultimate in romance. Just one reason why it’s best to go to a resort dedicated to avoiding overcrowding.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore an ocean paradise, your honeymoon is the absolute perfect time. If you’re headed to an exclusive destination by the shore or on an island, snorkeling is a necessity. Discovering the vivid sights beneath the water together is certainly romantic.
Wine Tasting

Heading somewhere with vineyards? Even Thailand has some these days, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if your destination did too. The scenery will be gorgeous and you’ll be just slightly tipsy, certain to add a romantic edge to your evening. You’ll also get a fabulous taste of local culture.
Explore an ancient temple together

Plenty of honeymoon destinations have historic landmarks dotting the countryside. Why not take the opportunity to explore an ancient temple together? Investigating the remnants of an ancient civilization is surprisingly romantic and offers great photo opportunities for the honeymoon album.
Twilight Walks along the Beach

Sure, it’s a stereotype, but stereotypes exist for a reason. Walking down a warm, sandy beach as the sun sets is still one of the most romantic things a newly married couple can do together. If your honeymoon destination is the beach, consider this. You might even end up walking along the shore more than once.
Picnic on a Private Inlet

If you’re lucky enough to be honeymooning on a small island, it’s very possible that there are private inlets for you to have a quiet picnic together. This is offered on some of the Tahitian islands as well as other places. Delicious food alone together in an island paradise sounds wonderfully romantic to me.
Swimming in Your Private Pool

The most exclusive honeymoon destinations, particularly luxury resorts, often have a small private pool for their highest paying guests. If you’re willing to spend quite a bit on your honeymoon, this is an incredibly romantic way to spend your days and evenings. If you don’t have a pool, spend that time in your hot tub or private bath instead.
Private Candlelit Dinner

My number one in romance is a private candlelit dinner with your new spouse. Catered exactly to your specifications by your own private chef, you can then be left totally alone to enjoy your romantic meal in peace. Feeding each other all of your favorite foods in flickering soft light? This is just unbelievably romantic, and absolutely perfect for your honeymoon.

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