Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coldest Cruise (part!)

Have you ever wanted to go on a cruise to one of the biggest glaciers of Alaska? Now you have a chance to do it without even leaving your home.
The cruise begins at Sitka - the city where the ceremony during which Russia sold Alaska to the USA took place in 1867. And the first thing that attracts our attention is a huge hump-backed whale fiercely thrashing the water with its tail.

Even scientists have no idea why whales thrash the water sometimes. Either they hunt in this way or try to get rid of the "passengers" on their tail.

In general, it's quite easy to detect whales in the sea. First, you should find a fountain which is very well seen even from the distance.

Usually a whale takes several breaths and then sinks into the water for about 5 minutes. During this time you should come closer to this place and wait until it appears on the surface. As a rule, it happens not too far from the place where the fountain was, and you are already in the right place.

Before diving to the depth, a whale can show you its tail, for example, like this gray one.

The American symbol.

And these are the otters which are famous for their fur. 1 square centimeter of such fur is made up of 150.000 hairs.

They gather in groups and sleep rocking on the waves.

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