Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coldest Cruise (part2)

Actually otters (or rather their pelts) were the main reason why Russia colonized Alaska. But when almost all of them had been killed and no money left to maintain the colony, it was sold to America which managed to restore otters' population afterwards.

And this is the daily ration of a sea otter.

A coast guard helicopter flying above the water. There is quite a funny story the coast guard obviously doesn't like to recall.
There is a dormant volcano near Sitka that hasn't been active for several years. But one day (it was the 1st of April) one joker brought several auto tyres on its top and burnt them. All the city had been evacuated before anybody realized what really had happened.

The next destination of the cruise is Tracy Arm fjord - an extremely beautiful place which ends in South Sawyer glacier.

The morning is wonderful.

Some tourists are walking along the deck.

The distance from the entrance of the fjord to the glacier is 35 km but you can already see some ice floes broken out from it at the very beginning of your way. And the closer you get to the glacier, the more ice floes you can see.

The bigger an ice floe is, the bluer it is.

The slopes of the fjord are dotted with numerous waterfalls.

The ship easily copes with small ice floes.

The glacier is already slightly seen in the distance.

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