Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Days Trip To The Arctic Circle (part1)

4000 km to go and 4 days for doing this. A wonderful trip to the place where it's virtually always cold even though the sun virtually always shines.

The first day. A beautiful dawn at the town of Kajaani.

The Quiet People of Finland - an unusual piece of art created in 1988 by Reijo Kela, a Finnish dancer and choreographer. 

Within the Arctic Circle one, of course, can see some deer.

And a little closer to Inari - some bears, wooden though but still very nice.

1400 km are done in a day and it's time to think about an overnight stop. Here is a good camp on the bank of the river which offers houses for 33 euros.

The second day promises to be more interesting as only 450 km are to be done.

Traditional Sami tents in Norway.

Houses and boats.

Porsangen Fjord.

And other severe beauties of the North of the Arctic Circle.

Local deer are much braver and whiter than in Finland.

Famous Hurtigruten (literally "Express Route") is a Norwegian passenger and freight line with daily sailings along Norway's western and northern coast.

Nordcapp (North Cape).

De luxe suite of Nordkapp Camping situated in Skipsfjorden which costs 990 Norwegian kroner (about $170).

And this is Gjesvær (pronounced Yasvar) where you can catch a great variety of different fish.

Here you can go on a bird safari for 495 kroner (about $85) and observe many wonderful birds of Norway.

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