Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Days Trip To The Arctic Circle (part2)

But there is one disadvantage of this excursion: nobody is able to take good photographs of the birds, no matter what kind of camera he has, as these birds are very cautious and extremely fast (puffins in particular).

And some other birds.


Hawks, falcons and eagles can also be seen.

As well as sea bears.

The third day. The Polar night is just incredibly beautiful here. The sun doesn't rise and set but slowly floats along the horizon.

Still it's very cold here. Four t-shirts, two sweaters, a jacket, scarf, winter shoes and mittens are just the ticket for such a weather.

Snow is still in some places.

Though all the booklets say: "Don't tear the flowers, don't scare the animals, don't build pyramids of stones", all these rules are broken once in a while.

Besides the traditional pyramids, one can see some other combinations as well.

The flowers are tiny here.

Dryers for fish are everywhere but, for some reason, they aren't used.

Very beautiful and nobody is around.

Several hours at the camp and the trip continues.

This is Alta and its museum of rock paintings dated 2000-6200 years old.

The fourth day, the most difficult one. 900 km to go.

The city of Trondheim, some time ago rich and royal, now is only the third city of Norway. Its symbol is Nidaros Cathedral built in 1070. 

Now just enjoy some nice pictures of this bright, sunny and wonderful city.

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