Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 Countries With Best Scuba Diving Spots

They say scuba diving is the closest feeling you get to flying in the air. The beauty in the depths of ocean is something few people can experience. Here are ten beautiful shots of scuba divers under the sea from around the world.

Maldives is known around the world for its stunning beaches and azure waters, its life beneath the water is becoming more popular for scuba divers in the four corners of the world.

Mauritius is the ideal scuba diving destination with its coral and sea life under the clear blue water.
Tenerife is considered the ideal scuba diving destination by divers around the world owing to the natural treasures beneath the clear blue water.
Italy offers a vast array of marine life to scuba divers all year round. Divers can explore dives with turtles, coral reefs and huge variety of other sea life in Italy.
Yalong Bay, China
Yalong bay is known as the first bay in the world. Not only is this place famous for its historic significance it also enjoys popularity due to the excellent diving environment it provides. It has the same tropical climate as Hawaii and the same variety of sea life under its water.
 Nhatarang, Veitnam
Nhatarang is considered the prime location for scuba diving in Vietnam. It is a coastal town which is rapidly gaining popularity for scuba divers owing to its exotic sea life beneath the waters.
Galapagos Islands
These volcanic islands scattered across the pacific oceans offer a rare marine life beneath its waters. Apart from the sea life divers love to explore the ship wrecks under the water surrounding these islands from the times of explorers.
Australia offers unique scuba diving opportunities It has over 35000 km length of coastline which has a wide array of sea life and coral reefs beneath its waters.
Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean is considered the deepest ocean of them all and contains the widest variety of marine life beneath its bluish green clear water. It is a dream location for all those who love to dive deep in the sea to explore nature’s creation.
Cape town
Scuba diving in Cape town is amazing and exhilarating fun. Beaches in Cape town offer a wealth of marine life beneath its waters which is rare in other parts of the world.

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