Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bhutan: The Himalayan Kingdom part2

Bhutanese monks are staring at the DVD cover with Van Damme.

Now let's see how the rice is produced in Bhutan.
To begin with, rice is grown virtually everywhere here. All the slopes of mountains are dotted with stairs on which it grows. In autumn it is collected and grinded by hand. Then it is fried on a pan and stirred with a besom made of hard twigs.

The rice needs much water that's why all fields are provided with a sprinkling system.

The ground is ploughed up by oxes.

Girls bringing dung to the fields are quite smelly.

After the crop is collected the rice is tied into the sheaves.

Rice grains are extracted from the sheaves by the means of their shaking. The woman hits the sheaf against the lump of wood and the grains fall down on the buckram.

Some peasants have special grinders with a treadle.

All the crop of the rice is winnowed. The wind takes away all the husk and small straws.

Then it is dried.

And fried on a pan.

A ready-made production is collected into the bags.

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