Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Garden of Awesome Proportions (Big Pictures)

The Nongnooch Tropical Garden & Resort is one of the must-see places in Thailand. It's located about 20 km to the south from Pattaya. Among tourists it is also known The Park of Orchids.
It occupies a huge territory of some hectares in the picturesque valley surrounded by the mountains. This tropical garden with beautiful and always green landscape - achitecture compositions is a true masterpiece of the landscape design. The Nongnooch is also a botanic garden, one of the largest in Asia. 

Here you may see a great variety of tropical plants. The garden of orchids, the cacti garden, where are collected cacti of all possible shapes, types and sizes - some of them are very huge. The garden has a wonderful gallery of palm trees. On the territory is a garden of butterflies with a farm to keep their population, because, as we all know, the life span of the insects only a couple of weeks. And there is a little zoo here too with quite exotic animals.

The garden is rather well-planned, there are arbours and pavillions. One may even see the British Stonehenge, though the copy is not so large, it looks good and fits into the landscape in the best way, and the French park ... is just fantastic! And, of course, various sculptures, fountains, lanes...

One of the zoo residents, but it's already another story...
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