Sunday, December 4, 2011

South Bavaria, Alpine Royal Castle

Neuschwanstein Royal Castle is situated on one of the Alpine cliffs, in 350 kilometers from Füssen town, South Bavaria, Germany. The castle built by Ludwig II is the most popular place of interest in Bavaria -  more than a million people visit it annually!

The centre of Füssen. Here is a railway station and a big tourist information centre. Although the town is very cute, let us move the castle itself.

The views here are undoubtedly beautiful in every time of the year.

In close up the castle is not as impressive as from afar.

But inside it's more than viewy.

Views of Füssen and Scwangau from the castle's balconies.

On the hill there is another, more ancient castle Hohenschwangau.

Here is a bridge, from which the most exciting views open.

One of the most popular and accessible views of the castle. The main disadvantage of visiting that place in winter, is that the castle is lit with sunlight only for a short period of time, and mainly stays in the shadow.

And here are some photos shot from the funicular. Hohenschwangau castle.

In a couple of minutes the funicular rises you up to the height of 1200 meters.


Scwangau village.

The Alps.

A tour on a funicular costs 17,5 euro.


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