Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creepy But Tasty Thai Food

If you happened to be in the South of Italy looking for a nice interesting place to visit then Alberobello is surely for you.

It is a small town, very different from those you get used to see.
These small snowy huts are called trulli (from Latin "trulla" which means "сone"). They were started to be built in the 17th century in the time of very high taxation on property.
Light limestone was the main material they were built of. It was laid in layers without using any binder. And that was done for a reason.
When inspectors came to the town, its residents pulled out a foundation stone and the whole construction collapsed. As a result, all the inspectors could see was only a pile of stones.

Trulli may be males and females. "Males", besides cones, have onion domes on their top as well.

There are special streets for tourists on which numerous cafes and shops are located.

This is the yard of the Trulli Museum, a very beautiful and informative place.

And this is a common inhabited trullo. Some rich Italians can afford to buy them (their price is about 6000 euros per square meter). But even for such a price they have to sleep in the attic as it's very hot downstairs.

And these are simple houses in the town which are too very beautiful.

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