Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bhutan: The Himalayan Kingdom part6

There is no place for cows to pasture. So they have to wander about the slopes near the roads.

Sometimes one can see such unusual advertisements on the road.

The road traffic is regulated by such men in white gloves. Their movements are different from those we got used to and look like the Dance of the Little Swans.

Hammer covered with aerography is a rare scene in Bhutan.

Still Mercedes ML was also noticed in a capital.

The roads are fixed by non-resident Hindus.

Bhutan has a great quantity of dogs and all of them are black. They run down the roads and streets, sit near the temples and wander about markets.

There is a tradition in Bhutan - if somebody falls ill, his family should make a little composition and place it outdoors. The material for such compositions is food and the dogs really appreciate this tradition.

Now let's see what the Bhutanese eat. Almost all Bhutan restaurants offer buffet to their clients.

Famous Bhutanese red rice.

Garlic pumpkin.

700.000 people live in Bhutan. 13.000 of them are monks living in the monasteries. Each monastery has an abbot called lama.

Nayphu Gempa Monastery is located at an altitude of 2.5 km

Its lama turned out to be very modern. He drives the new Land Cruiser, uses Canon 5D Mark II, wears glasses and a felt hat.

When he was 4 years old, he was admitted to be the 9th reincarnation of Lama Nayphu Tuelku, a founder of this monastery. So since the childhood he already khew he would become the lama sometime.

In general, to take photographs inside the monastery is forbidden but this lama let us make several photos.
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