Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yemen Ready To Amaze (part3)

People still use ancient technology of extracting sesame oil. This camel goes round the mechanism where the very oil is extracted.

Another oil pressing device is going to be built here.

Picturesque canyon with a village in the middle.

It looks like some magic village from a fairy tale.

This valley is one of the most fertile places in Yemen. It has been the agricultural center since the 8th century.

Such contrasting colorful houses are valley hotels.

The most eco-friendly means of transport.

Goat shepherds wear strange hats reminding of fairytale wizards.

Beautiful ancient mountain village.

In these places tourists are not allowed to travel without armed escort.

Seiyun is one of the biggest cities in Yemen. Its main place of interest is Sultan's palace.

Street market.

Some mountain stronghold.

City of Tarim is famous with one of the highest mosques on the peninsula. Its minarets are 65 meters high.

In front of the mosque boys play football.

Colorful palaces.

Judging from the kids' reaction one may say that tourists are still rare here.

Famous Shibam - the city of clay skyscrapers.

Market square.

There is no asphalt on the long streets of Shibam, only sand.


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