Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bhutan: The Himalayan Kingdom part5

There are only 5 colors each having its own meaning. Yellow - sand, red - fire, blue - sky, green - nature, white - air. Every man has his own color depending on the year he was born in. A prayer is written on the flags and the wind brings its words to the good spirits.

4 km above the sea level. The air is rarefied here. To breathe and to move is very difficult.

Here it is - the convent.

40 nuns live here.

They have no electricity. A big solar cell battery is used insted of it.

Here you can see the second tallest mountain of Bhutan (7314 m).

People take a bath. As they don't have a hot water supply in their houses they have to take a bath in big wooden tubs on the bank of the river. The fire is made near the tub and the heat stones are put into the water. It's a surprise but naked Bhutanese women don't feel embarassed at all.

The first road appeared in Bhutan in 1960. And even nowadays the roads are still narrow and aren't always covered with asphalt. Though there are a few cars on the roads, it's not always possible for them to pass one another.

The first road near the airport gives hope.

But the other roads turn out to be not so good and even. One can't even read driving in a car as the road always dodges among the mountains either going up or down.

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