Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yemen - The Country You Dream To Go Back To (part 5)

Those ones which are getting ripe are put into the baskets made of the leaves of the same date palm. They prevent dates from falling on the ground and serve as a protection from birds.

Palm leaves are also used for laying the roofs of local huts.

This boy's job to hang baskets on the trees.

And this is one of more than 15 wonderful Socotra Island Caves. The depth of this cave is 4 km.

The floor of the caves may be simply clay or like this one.

Or like this.

The ceiling.

It's a little bit thrilling to walk under such stones.

Some water inside. To drink it is not recommended as it contains too much salt.

The width of this column is about 5 m.

Formations are different in color.

The God of the cave.

Three colors of Socotra.

An old Indian legend says that many many years ago there lived an evil dragon on Socotra Island. He attacked the elephants and drank their blood. But one day a rather old but still strong elephant fell on the dragon and crushed it. Their blood had mixed and moistened the land around. Later the trees had grown in those places. They were called the dragon trees.

The dragon trees can reach 10 meters in height and their trunk can be 2 meters in width.

Looking at the Arabian Sea.

Its leaves.

A forest.

How do you think, is it possible to define where is dawn and where is sunset in the picture? Some say, it is. The sunset pictures seem to be more yellow.

As for the dawn pictures. They are mostly red. 

Night Sana'a.

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