Saturday, December 10, 2011

Augrabies Wonder Falls In the Middle of the Savannah

Africa is a wonderful place. You may pass three hundred kilometers along flat thorny and dry savannah and come across dried up rivers with only riverbed and names left. And then suddenly discover a grandiose roaring waterfall.

The Augrabies Falls on the Orange river that flows from the Dragon's mountains and falls into the Atlantic ocean. This miracle is located in the Kalahari Desert. By the way, it is the very place where the biggest diamond was found. Its weight is about 600 grams.

View from the opposite side.

The whole site where people are allowed to have a walk is equipped with such a passage. However, there are some spots where tourists are not allowed to go as it is dangerous.

Water rushing to the steep.

Due to the wide angle of shooting the waterfall may seem gentle. But that's not true, the height is about 150 meters.

Heading to the next spot.

Before the drop the main part of the water makes a few serpantine turns.

The main part of people who travel over Africa is about this old.

This photo is made for you to check out the scale.

In the splashes is an eternal rainbow.

On this panoramic picture one may see that there are two main drops of water at the moment. During rainy period they are several times more.

Milky view of the Augabies Falls.

At one point some monkeys attacked a tent. They performed a crazy show near and on it.

Monkeys have fun near the National park exit.

Alien spiny tree.
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