Saturday, December 31, 2011

Majestic American Canyons (part2)

The size of the rock in comparison with a car.

One can leave a car right on the road - it will not bother anybody as the traffic density is 2-3 cars a day here.

A man seems to be a little matchbox in the background of all these huge rocks.

Rim Rock Hoodoos.

White at the bottom. Red in the middle. White at the top. American beauty.

These constructions can be found everywhere here. The red layer of the clay is soft and gradually washed away by rain. Under the heaviness of stones the clay is pressed thus it becomes more resistant to the water.

Just imagine how this thing holds on there.

And this is the helicopter flight above Utah and Arizona.

Of course, pictures on the flat screen can't convey all the beauty of those places but believe, they are amazing. 

Famous Horseshoe Bend (Arizona).

Lake Powell Anasazi Ruins.

The Creator obviously worked hard here using a fret saw, chisel and hammer.

Approaching the Monument Valley.

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