Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So Much Gold That You'll Be Bored

  Dubai Gold Souq is a gold market or bazaar in Dubai, which is also called an old Dubai gold market. It’s probably the most ancient gold market in the Dubai emirate. It’s situated in the centre of Deira, near the spice market, the old market and the fish market.

The market is public and looks like that. It has 3 entrances and reminds of the letter T by its shape. There are always lots of tourists, Arabian girls and women of different age, the Pakistani, the Hindus, and ordinary public of a kind.

There are about 300 shops and boutiques selling jewelry in the market. Here you can find pretty-pretties suited to every fancy – different chains and chainlets are carelessly hanging on special poles.

Here are bracelets.

There are ordinary rings and bracelets, as well as fanciful and sophisticated ones.

Special bracelets.

Completely unreal necklaces…

… and bobs.

The heaviest golden ring. It’s made of 21 karat gold, its weight is 58,685 kg and it’s mounted with 5,17 kg of precious stones. So its total weight is 63 kilograms and 856 grams.

The most popular assortment of the boutiques.

Indian and Pakistani blings are more massive, accurately made and contain lots of gems – principally diamonds.

Arabian blings are, on the contrary, more reserved.

Gold is a very heavy metal. That’s why a lot of jewelry is empty inside and weighs less than it meets the eye.


The assortment is broad as an ocean – there are things made of yellow, white, pink gold, platinum, a combination of gold and platinum, silver, with precious and semi-precious stones of different size or without them.

Prices are different too. This necklace, for example, has an exorbitant price.

A variety of gems is used: tanzanites, sapphires, rubies, hyacinths, garnets, emeralds,  opals of different clarity and size.

The shine of gold very quickly soaps the eye – it seems that you are in the Eldorado, where gold is considered as an ordinary cobblestone.

But be careful! Some jewelry is fake and the majority of prices are inflated! What to do? Bargain! Hold your ground! Con, saying that you’ve seen the same ring in another shop and it costs twice as little! Barter is a kind of tradition for this culture, so you won’t sound silly if you try to drive the price down. Good luck!
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