Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yemen Ready To Amaze (part1)

Yemen is an ancient Arab country situated in the lower part of the Arabian peninsula. The bigger part of the country is covered with mountains, but there are also large desert parts.

Al-Saleh Mosque is the major mosque in the capital of Yemen - Sanaa. It has been built recently for the money of the Yemen president - about $60 000 000. No wonder it was named after the first man of the country. Its whole area comprises about 28 000 square meters. 

This is the only mosque that can welcome people of other religions.

President himself also prays here.

Mosque decorations strike with rich and luxurious entourage.

Deserted Jewish village Beit Baws. Local citizens adore getting on high spots and admire the landscapes slowly chewing kat.

Sanaa outskirts view.

The very Jewish village, like many other objects in the country, is built on top of a hill for protective purposes.

The lower part of the rock, on which the village is built, is unusually green.

Village entrance.

Nowadays it is an interesting place for children to play.

Kids carry water home in such tanks.

Not only Jews, but also Arabs once lived here. Today the village is deserted, many buildings are destroyed.

Many Jews left Yemen after the Second World War when Israel was formed.

And these houses at the foot of the hill are inhabited.

People at the streets of Sanaa are cheerful and hospitable.


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