Saturday, December 3, 2011

Searching For the Whitest Sand

In the eastern coast of Australia are lots of various beaches. They are mostly similar to each other, but among them all there is quite a unique place named Jervis Bay...
It's located 20km to the south from Sydney. One part of it it belongs to New South Wales state and another - to Australian Capital Territory.

The population is bit more than 600 people.
More than 700 thousand tourists come here annually, mostly for New Year and in January. However even in this time there is no feeling of crowd here.
The bay is very rich in different fish and dolphins can be often watched right from the shore. Despite the summer heat, the water of the bay is never warm enough.
One of the beaches is marked in Guiness Book of World Records (Hyams beach) as a place with the whitest sand in the world. 

The coast near Huskisson village.

The coast near Hyams beach.

And the same beach in the dull weather...

And a local guy after all.
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