Monday, December 5, 2011

Top 10 Holiday Spots for Teenagers

Holidays are one way to relax and take a breather before returning back to the crazy chaotic schedule of schools and university. So take your pick from an amazing selection of vacation spots. Whether its spring break, thanksgiving holidays, summer break or a Christmas break we have it all covered.
So sit back and take a visual tour of the top holiday spots for all teenagers to visit when it’s bye bye books time! All these places offer fun, adventure and are budget friendly too.
Spain, Barcelona
Barcelona is the most cosmopolitan and youth friendly city in Spain. Students from all over the world are present there and represent every fashion and trend, roaming about on bikes and skate boards. Barcelona offers the best of both worlds a great night life and historical sight seeing as well as splendid natural beauty. The art museums like the Museu’ de Art Contemporani de Barcelona are free for students on some weekdays.
New York, USA

The big apple draws tourists from all over the world. New York is the home of some of the biggest hits on television such as friends, sex and the city, how I met your mother and gossip girl. So feel like a celebrity in this city while you visit all the amazing locations like the empire state building. Feel like Serena or Blair while sitting on the steps of the Met. Have coffee at the famous central perk. All these places will make you feel like a silver screen star. The chief draw however is the street culture and the prospect of cheaper clothes, sunglasses and iPods – but you might just be lured in an exhibition or film at the ultra-cool Museum of Modern Art
Mauritius is said to be a complete paradise on earth. The sandy beaches, the deep blue waves rolling down, the alluring rhythm of the birds. Mauritius is one place which is a dream destination for spring break vacationers.  The best part is f you book early at Touessrok Le or the sugar beach hotel water sports are absolutely free! The activities to do are deep sea fishing, scuba diving, jet skiing water skiing and undersea walks. This is a dream for all you water lovers out there. Apart from water based activities there are parties and night life that are just beckoning you to come and enjoy.
Nevada, Las Vegas
las vegas
If you wanna party Vegas is the place baby! And contrary to popular belief it is not very expensive either. The accommodation is cheap if you are staying downtown and keep gambling to a minimum. The night life is great making it perfect for anytime you wanna go wild. The rates go extremely low in summers .
Corfu, Greece
This has to be one of the most tourist friendly places. Greece offers sun, sand, the beach and historical landmarks. You can enjoy the scenic locations and delicious Greek cuisines  and wander along beach . It should be said, however, that Corfu is now a heavily touristic island… It’s still wonderful: the town, for example, has Venice-style buildings, a French-built arched arcade where you can sit and sample pastries, and a cricket field — all reflections of Corfu’s history .But if you need quiet, try a quieter island, like Paxos, or visit Corfu in May or October. Or pick a quiet village not on the beach, and get a rental car to make beach trips.
Paris, France
Paris is one of the most visited tourist locations in Europe. It is fun for people of all ages even if you are on a budget.  So yeah, make sure you see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, the Opera Garnier, etc. Because these places are free if you want to enjoy a little culture. Paris also offers street entertainers.  These guys tend to be very good and very funny. You’ll all have a great time and if you can have someone snap a picture you’ll have a great story to tell when you get home (and a photo to prove it). If you’re really adventurous and bring your skates along you can join in the Friday night skate. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people all get together to skate through the streets of Paris accompanied by a Police squad on wheels and an ambulance to deal with any potential accidents. The route changes every week
London,  England
London is one the best places for teenagers to shop. It is the city of sales with the greatest bargains ever. Roam along Oxford Street which is the best shopping place in the world. The historical sites are also amazing and best of all they are free which is great if you are on a budget. There are many plans and packages available that are easy on the wallet if you plan in advance
Wanna go all out. Than head to Amsterdam. It’s quite possible Amsterdam is the world’s best party destination and for good reason – if it’s allowed in Amsterdam it’s probably prohibited in your home town. Few cities cater to the single life like Amsterdam so grab your friends and plan a singles vacation you’ll never forget. Take a tour of the Heineken Brewery or run through the fields of tulips that bloom in spring. From the Red Light district to the “smoking” coffee houses, and over 100 canals in between, you won’t be bored. Ponder the works of Van Gogh and pay homage to the fabulously- fun life with a s friends only vacation in Amsterdam.
Well Rome wasn’t built in a day but your party life so will. This place is a heaven for all you single women out there. We’ll admit this destination is more for the ladies, but Rome is worth a mention. After all, what’s better for the self-esteem than being hit on by a handsome Italian man? Sip cappuccino at one of the city’s many outdoor cafes, tour an art gallery and strike up a conversation with other tourists, or just roam Rome and explore the Eternal City’s many fabulous destination spots. Let a Rome-native be your tour guide to the city. Rome is the birthplace of Casanova so the odds are already in your favor.
Fairy Meadows , Pakistan
Now this place deserves to be mentioned for the awesome adventure spot that it is. This is the base camp for the second highest mountain peak in the world. It is heaven for the adrenaline junkie who is interested in trekking, camping and mountaineering. Fairy meadows offer the most beautiful resorts and a breathtaking view of the Nanga Parbat. The scenic locations of incredible pulchritude are a sight for sore eyes.

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