Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yemen - The Country You Dream To Go Back To (part 1)

Yemen is a country in the South of the Arabian Peninsula. Old cities, ancient mosques, beautiful nature - all this makes Yemen a unique and worth seeing place.

The city of Gabr Hud (translated as a "grave of the prophet Hud") is located around 140 km north of Al Mukall (the capital of the Hadramaut).
Some time ago, even before Muhammad, the prophet Hud was sent to the Adites to warn them of upcoming disaster. He made a speech appealing for them to deny their former Gods and worship Allah only. Aristocracy, however, didn't pay any attention to the commoner. And then Allah sent punishment. A sand storm lasted 7 days, having covered with sand all the lands of the Adite tribe. Only Hud and those who believed him stayed alive.
Qur'an contains only several lines about Iram - a sometime flourishing city of the Adites, a city of thousands of columns. It was discovered in 1992 by archeologist Nicholas Clapp and now is located on the territory of Oman.
But let's return to Gabr Hud. At the first sight, it looks like any other city of Hadramaut, but when you come closer, you start realizing that something is wrong with it... The point is there are no any people there. This place becomes crowded only on the 8th day of Shaaban when all the pilgrims of Hadramaut come here to worship their prophet and ancestor.
This is the tomb of the prophet located in the upper part of the city. The dome covers the cleft where, according to legend, the great prophet rests. 

Books in the wall of the tomb.

Sunset light on the rocks above the city.

And these are the arcs of a big prayer house.

The city at night.

And the prayer house.

Its columns.

The full moon.

And this is Sana'a (the capital of Yemen), its old part.

A mixture of old and new.

Some beautiful landscapes.

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