Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eccentric Gays Of Thailand

Thai gays had been preparing for the parade held in Patong for a long time. Though there were much more foreigners than locals this time, one could still see some really eccentric Thais as well. 

It's quite unclear how this guy got in a column of the gay parade...

The Thais are indeed very beautiful.

A rich owner of the gay club.

And this is very tough guy.

Look at him. He doesn't make faces (in fact he does nothing), but how charismatic he is!

Another owner of the club.

Plump European merry fellows.

Everybody's attention to the guy in the background.

Some wonderful old ladies.

With Juliette Lewis from "Natural Born Killers".

The closing of the festival.

And two last pictures of the aged transvestite without Photoshop. Enjoy.

via yana-sawasdee

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