Saturday, December 31, 2011

Majestic American Canyons (part1)

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Utah and has an area of 600 square kilometers. The area was unnamed for the residents of the New World until Ebenezer Bryce and his family came here. So later it was named after him.
This unusual geological phenomena are called "hoodoos" and they slightly resemble frozen human figures from the distance.

The Bryce Canyon is located at 2300 m above the sea level. The temperature is -23-25 C. So one can have some difficulties with breathing here.

The view from above is absolutely fantastic.

The rows of hoodoos are very close to each other.

Some of them remind of morels.

This is the Thor's Hammer hoodoo, the most famous one.

The path leading downwards to its foot.

Judging by appearances, these caves are not of human making. But who knows...

On the way from the canyon.

The Indians called hoodoos the "stones of dead pictures" and "stones of dead rainbows".

A spillway. It's well seen that plants are covered with ice because of the high level of moisture and frost.

And this is the territory of Zion National Park and its alien bur.

Mountains look like a part of them was cut off, and the other part was left for demonstration.

A barbed wire stretches along many roads. In this way the government tries to keep the original nature of this place in a good condition.

And this reminds of something from the world of cookery. Kind of a cake powdered with something tasty.

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